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Manga's been up, check it out~! I could use more support and faves. ^_^
I'll update when I can. I'm a college student, after all. Thanks for understanding~!

'Til then, visit my dA page:

And, I'm also at here:

See you soon! ;3

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I love how I can relate. My boyfriend says the same thing to me all the time. XD;
Wyatt tucks his tie into his pocket- it's so cute!
Gloomy Bear! :D
November 19th, 2013
NOOOOO! I WAS IN MENOMONIE JUST TWO WEEKS AGO, visiting my parents in Spartaaaaa! *sobbing* Sorry, I'm back in Montana. QAQ
Best of luck, sweetie! Keep up all the good work!
I know the feeling! I hate being the older sibling, but still being so much shorter!! D:
Right in the feels! ;A;
That last image should be a custom icon. Totally.
The way you drew Rat's eyes popping out, just... that killed me! XDDDD Ohhh... thank you, hon, for this.
Lol, think of it this way, "They're just words."
Or, repeat them to yourself until they lose meaning. XDD;;

Congrats on the nomination! I hope you win! :D Good luck with the plays~ =w=d
Who said they didn't like it...? This site is covered in this kind of art...

Besides, I love it, so there~ =w=d
Over ruled.
AMG, Ferris... so cute and lovable, even when looking so bitter. XDD

Nice work, hon~! I only became a fan recently and read through the whole thing~! Keep it up! I can't wait for the next page! >w<
Shuno, lemme hug you! \QnQ/
Kaito, go hug your man! >[]<
Squee, the lip nibble~! >w<d
I call it "Monthly Penis Envy"... ...
I finally post a comment!

I've been reading every update and I LOVE YOUR ART STYLE!

I really can't wait to see what transpires next!
I felt the SAME way when I made it to this part! D: I was like, "WHAT?! YOU SONUVA-!"
It makes me feel so excited to see when this comic updates! >w<d
Those glasses made Kaito look so much older, but HE'S STILL ADORABLE!
Ooh, am I blind, or is the background new? <w< = >w> Wheee~