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Secret Santa Stuff;
If my SS is curious; I'm self absorbed and I love sea creatures and turtles. So anything of me with fishes, or fishes in general would be lovely.
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Although I'm extremely curious to see what sort of answer the creature gives for number 3 ...
Let's ask question number one, because I'm more curious about that.
Because I'm interested in seeing the result of it; let's go with 2 and apologize to the thing ...~
Actually, it hasn't been as mind-tripping as I was expecting it to be. far. I still have the other half of the book to read.

The most unnerving page so far was probably page 312. D|
There's no Forced Comic rule that says I can't use colored pencil when appropriate. |Y

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Yay Pokemon HeartGold!

...and a poorly drawn cyndaquil and wooper. X3
Yeah, I know it's been a while since I've done a comic. But I've just been terribly busy with school and what not. But I hope to get back into the groove.

If it makes you feel better, I /am/ in the top five of my Korean class :Y
My Secret...helper...santa(?)--Well, not SS, but rather my Special Helper, has just made my month~
I dunno what else to day, this is so amazing!
Happy Holidays to all, and to all an etc.
So, there's two muffins in an oven...
Test title
Crap, I've gone and scared myself.
I'm such a creeper.
I'm still rather traumatized from those searches.
MY MY! It seems uranus has been through quite a lot!
800m is still the funniest one up there.
Titan will just jump into any picture. That jerk. :Y
Gaia is SCARY.
I think her craziness comes from those parasites she has that nobody seems to care about. :l
Everybody run, the Sun is PO'd!
I don't blame Pluto. If I had to decide between being a planet or avoiding harming cute little Vanth, I'd just stick with my boat.
Okay, everybody get together, all right 3...2...--TITAN STOP JUMPING INTO THE PICTURES
Quick! Plug him in! Sparkling is his weakness!