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Hey-lo! I'm Blazemaster26 (I'm aware of the k, I mistyped my E-mail address wrong in the original profile.) My favorite style of music is classic rock and my favorite bands are Journey, Def Leppard and Lemon Demon. My favorite tv show is The Simpsons and I hate people who think of themselves as better than everyone else.
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They've got the right jumpsuits, maybe they'll just be testing.
I've found I think best while dribbling a kickball, kinda weird but it works.
I hardly ever make it to the second step because i immediately see it as crappy, often before I even ink the comic. Nice to see other people go through the same trials as me!
Lol. I read to read this one twice because I skipped over truth and thought he went emo. Oops!
Well, at first I was a bit iffy, but now I am absolutely CERTAIN that NekoGrrl is a 50 year old male gay rapist. Not even a die hard Otaku girl is capable of THAT creepy.
I chuckled at it. Besides, it'll be worth it when Larry and Apple they get thrust from today's Fairy Tale Land to yesteryear's Fairy Tale Land.
I understand Sally's a robot and all, but I still find it funny when she talks about code.
Interesting comic, I can't help but wonder where it's headed. Faved.
My god his hair! Am I the only one who finds it absolutely hysterical?
Oh god, how can this comic only have 9 fans.
Haha, happy anniversary! I can't believe this comic is 3 years old, way to stick to an idea!
I hope the person inking this doesn't have too much trouble with it. I'm not much of a photographer!
This reminds me Calvin and Hobbes.
Impressionable in this case would mean his opinion is easily swayed with the words or actions of others. In other words things leave a mark or an impression! Because the guy said he sucked at art the artist took that for truth
If you use a ditto you get a wailmer for wailord. Legendaries don't breed. Assumably because they aren't greek.
I find it funny that he's getting owned by a naked baby.
Wow, this is great. I learnt something and got some new comics to read! Rock on.
Wow, this is totally awesome. Fave.
Thanks! I'll go check it out!
I have a question. When you turn your line art into vectors, how do you do it? When I try vectorizing in inkscape with the paint fill tool, it only makes vectors for small parts or it fills too much. What should I do?