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It's funny cause some people take the internet srsly.

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What a baby.
S.I.N is the organization he ran alongside Shadaloo.
@Lugbzurg: When did I ever say or imply that the internet is for me only? I said your taking the internet too seriously guy.
@Lugbzurg: And I'm wrong because?
@Lugbzurg: Or I think the internet is a to dick around when your bored and by treating the internet like your IRL your taking it too seriously.
@Lugbzurg: You taking the internet a bit too seriously.
@Lugzburg Street Fighter.
Atleast there's still Seth. Wait he died.
I saw this scenario in a lot of other shows before watching the episode so it left me quite disappointed, Sweetiebelle didn't help.
How did the mermaid outrun the giant cat?
Also, why is Lumpy Space Princess there?
There should be an infinite number of Bio Shocks, Bio Shocks infinite per-say.
I'm disappointed in you Pointman very disappointed indeed.
November 5th, 2011
SPOILER! She losses from friendship or some other bullshit.
Love it.
The show sucks and this will to.
Oh Sqoby it's obvious her and her command box are in a relationship.
Well first you get a gun...