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The Radical
I like to do things.
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    Andy Rasmussen
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I would
buy that magazine.
Oh my glob, you guys.
Drama bomb!
@Reed R Gale: I only wish by everyone would act the same you meant everyone would love them. People are so lame. I gotta get me some rainbow dreads!
Woah, there, Luff-luff!
There are children present!
This is going to rock so hard.
I have spent
the past month trying to convince the missus that "Llewellyn" is a boy's name. I don't know if Mr. Luffinpuff is the best example.
There is no point
in being anything other than a dragon trainer.
I loved spiders when I
was a kid. I had a giant toy tarantula that I loved more than anything. But over the years for no particular reason I slowly started to feel uncomfortable around the thing until it got to the point where even touching it sent shivers down my spine. By the time I was 12 I screamed my lungs out at the sight of a spider of any size. To this day I have no idea why I became so arachnophobic. What's even weirder is that a few months ago... I got better. Just poof back to normal. 7 years of terror and suddenly I am totally okay with spiders again.
is absolutely terrifying.
This is exactly
what happens to my dad and cats.
I only ever played one Pokemon game
I don't know which it was. I only ever named one of my pokemon. It was some kind of bat, don't ask me what it was, I was never big into pokemon to begin with and I certainly don't remember any of the little I did know at the time. All I can tell you is it was a bat. And I named it Flappy.
I agree
I'm never seen in anything else. EVER.
More Than Once, I believe
you mean "badabum, badaBUM, BAAA, nananaNAAA, naaa, nananaNAAA, naaa, dadadadaaaaaa"
How the heck
is that Watson? Oh wait is that Martin Freeman's Watson?
Okay so I
actually didn't see what you did there, cleverclogs. I thought the fireman was created with Luffin-magic and that he was pretending to have nothing to do with it to make the kids more scared.
I see
what you're up to, cleverclogs!