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I like drawing and shiz..
I have not spelt Crocodile wrong, it's my nickname.
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    Louise Kwok
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This has been updated already c:
You're leaving your SJ fans waiting!

(There are soo many new pages that haven't been added)
Ursule holding a frying pan for sure<33
We need more Ursule<33 He's my favourite 8D

Also, Ariel, nice fondling ^_~

I can't wait for you updates<3 They make me happy OwO
What happened to my face!! xD
Awwwwww xD
Thanks for the update!
Hahahahaaa, do you want me to help you? (kicks)
Aaah, yes I love Sareana! (I think I spelt it wrong again xD)
I love this story, it's so cute! I love Saraena!! She's so cute haha. This is a seriously good story. I'll be waiting for updates! :D
I've been reading this comic, and I'm just wondering. Why is it called Rebel Prince?
This is really cute by the way. :D
Thanks for the update!! I love the new layout, it's adorable :D:D:D

I'll be waiting! <3