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as Americans its great we can express our views like this. I however, do like what he says and the things he brings up, though he can be rather extreme at times it helps get people riled up enough to get moving. Though it was funny to read your point of view XD "Glenn Beck's stupid face". Haha! clever X3
Also I really don't know why the other contestants dinos worse boxing gloves. I honestly thought it looked silly :/
I see a connection here
those cookies...
In a quick term.. Wolf left the party FINALLY!
Oh boy...
What is it?
Why, it's a plot device :D
Sorry about the small font.
wont be tiny next page.
Hero: You think we should leave him like that?
Ragnarok: Forget him. Let his people figure out what to do with him.
Ragnarok: Now go through the portal already.
Hero: I just hope this one doesn't drop us from he sky again.
Ragnarok: Don't be a sissy.
End Chapter5
Summary: Hero comes back to life. Horgolii finds then and asks more of them.
Summary: Auros is healed. Wolf beats the crap out of him. Wolf obtained the hour. Hero is dead in a bloody heap on the floor.
Sumarry: Hero lands on Auros. Auros wants Hero to kill him. Hero cuts his own throat and bleeds to
death on Auros instead.
Back to my writing for the rest of the way.
Summary: Wolf gets an idea. Hero isn't so sure about the plan. Wolf chucks Hero at Auros.
Summary: Auros monologues. WOW he even has Hero idiocy pointed out T_T. Word humor fails. Wolf is smart. Hero is suddenly useful.
Summary: Cabbages attack Auros. He destroys them.

Summary for Wolf-Urameshi's part: Hero is once again an idiot. Wolf is smart. Auros is mad.
...I had to.
Back to my writing!
Okay this was written by me.
Summary: Hero has been relieved of being portrayed as an idiot and is now back to his usual clumsy quirky self. Hero builds up energy for an attack. Auros builds up energy for an attack. Hero releases energy and gives Auros... the jazz fingers. (dun dun dun) Green things roll into the room with sharp teeth.
Summary: Hero is a physics expert randomly. Wait no, still portrayed as dumb. Wolf gets shocked... heheh. and so does Hero... heheh shocked. Auros monologues. Suddenly Hero is clever.
Summary: Suddenly... oh wait nvm, Hero is still portrayed as an idiot. Comedic word usage fail. Suddenly Hero can shoot ice shards. The ceiling falls on Hero. Auros is crazy.
Summary: Hero is still portrayed as an idiot. Typical usage of bad guy attacking. Wolf is always right/smart.

I think this guy plays too many video games... or watches too much anime.
T_T .... yea.
Summary: They walk up Auros. Auros monologues about how awesome he is. Hero is apparently an idiot.
Now to be written by my flaky partner