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petunniiaaaaa it's been so long! D8 ahh I'm so excited for the next page XD

aghh where is she? XD the suspense! ack! /intelligible sentences
yesssss ;w; I'm so glad you're updating again!

I like Locke's orange suit. preetty snazzy, these guys.
Vioooleeetttt what role do you play in this?? c: yesss I'm excited to find out...

heh, and even if it is "right as rain," I figure a half-conscious Todd would just shout the first thing that came to him, so it's all perfect and hilarious XD

I like those lights in the background, too.
WHOA they know Petunia. (also yay, it's helpful to know that Meredith is a guy) :3 heh.

I bet the villain guy is Petunia's brother. he looks like he could be her brother. mostly because of the hair. also because everyone else has guessed that.
September 19th, 2010
.__. I love this comic

c: it's so charming, and I love the variety of the pages.
Why is this comic so amazing?
Of course Friday has a tab. For, you know, all that marmalade and... assassin stuff...

Doctor gets my vote. :D His mask is awesome. But is it really a mask at all...? (he's part bird, I tell you!)
oh, I'm loving that last panel there. great perspective, and the characters are spaced out perfectly. c: it looks so pretty in crisp black and white.
lol, fail Andy xD
yeah... Bulby always gets left over. xD but it's because Charmander is just so freaking cool...
okay, wow, this is hilarious. xD I was unsure if I should read this or not, judging by the title. but you've swayed me! :D -new fan-

also, the name Atticus is awesome. 8D
yay update!
haha. weenie beard. c:
yay, update! :3
Andy just might freak out. Has to avoid Argent, runs into Mr. Friday... Not such a good day for him. At least he has Our Love Melts the Snow In My Heart.
oh noes
I hope you can get back to updating soon. :c these characters are really great - just... so original. todd cracks me up, and petunia's so believable xD
8D win!
hahaha, your life is average!