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Sunset Hero
There is only one Sunset Hero. And that's the way I like it.
Well, I can honestly say that I wasn't expecting this.

Though, since so many frames go into an animated comic like this, you could take it slower. Narration captions, maybe even some smoother transitions.

Hell, you're already mostly finished, should you decide that you want to make this into a flash animation. Then, people could cycle through the frames at their own pace.

Of course then animation/music/SFX wouldn't be too far behind. But hey, I love seeing progression.
Has nobody noticed that Mario went to 3rd base on Kirby in the second panel?
I sense a smack coming over yonder.
I guess they weren't...
Skull powers... Summoning the Scythe...

At least take away the sharp pointy possible weapon.
Let's see if Tails Jr. has the foresight to deactivate the deadly weapons off the robot that he knows nothing about.
Not many people know that Sunset Hero can change his head into that of an awesomeface in moments of awesomeness. Byproduct of the kinetic-based powers I guess.
How do you do text Waffle? I've been using for a while now, and the annotation function SUCKS.
I can get you some actual Russian swears Akuma.

Yebat is a personal favorite of mine.
Get a grip Megaman. Haha hand puns.

Interesting how the scythe and the pile of junk pass by each other without colliding. Also how the scythe passes through Megaman, only slicing off his arm, which looking at how it cut off, should've taken half of Megaman with him.

Oh, right. Sprite comic. Never mind.
Megaman summoned acid rain...

And he is a good guy...

Those lush green pastures where they are fighting won't see the colour green for a long time to come.
"Eat weak, close range, electric skull Megaman!"

Looks like Deedee is giving those trolls the cold shoulder.

I live up north. I've got millions of them.
Cristaline is a short line of profanities away from making me "..." too.
A fight between Phear and Enki. No one wins.
Lets see... The position of the douche bag, and the way the zombie is coming at him... I think he's about to get raped!
Huh, I thought Knuckles could see Espio when he turns invisible... I guess Archie Cannon doesn't exactly encompass all Sonic Cannon.
Nope. Did not see this coming. Not that I tried to see where this was going...
Even with the lack of anything on the 360, I still plugged in about 200 hours in to that game. That's how good TF2 is.
It's funny because Blaziken's base attack is 120.