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I am dork.

I enjoy scary movies, role playing and sleeping.

I am pretty friendly but very shy. So if you ever feel like chatting I will be up for it! All you gotta do is ask. :3
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@mr.mushroom: Of course you may! <3 Oh my goodness so exciting~
Party don't start til she walk in!
That is defiantly okay too!
Put on your F me Pumps
As far as dressing for dinner we encourage every to dress like your character were going to a formal event(dresses, suits ect.)

(We know we didn't mention to pack that stuff in the beginning, we dropped the ball, sorry! XD)
Oh mah god. I love his face on that last panel! x3

I like that how you startled Laurie, he is such a pussy.
Poor thing. Mom wouldn't let him get a word in edge wise. :(

Funfact: I am terrified that his barbie is going to blink.
First thing I see when I wake up.

Hell. Fucking. Yes.
I like the way he looks, I look forward to see how such a "straight man" is going to deal with all this oddness.
I am literally shaking over here. 0^0

This character is so cool and intimidating. XD
@Snoozie: >,> yeah, he's a loser.
Why so serious Mr. Reporter?

Very nice design! <3
Uhhh, Laurie is so dumb. I feel bad Nick.

(Of course anyone can go next! I am so just so excited that speed this is taking!)
aaaaaaaah so charming!~

thank you so much for this! Everything is too perfect! XD
I can't express how faint I feel.
oh my goodness so charming~ <3
@Mumu: Eeeeee! (your character looks like sooo much fun<3)Can't wait to see the full body.

Please send scooter your list before before you post your first comic page.
@Mumu: Most Def! Please Upload<3