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Black Crowe II
Anime, Sprite comics, Random comedy, Sexual Inuendo(its funny to see situations that seem sexual, but in the end its actually somthing else! It's like the comic's just screaming: "Get your mind out of the gutter!"), Abridged series(good ones like Little Kuribroh's), cho-co-la-te (ALLZ HAIL TEH CRUNCH!!!), and for the rest, you'll just have to get to know me!
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Oh wait...I see boobs...nevermind...
People here seem to be ignoring the fact that Bianca's father is in Nina's house!
You should do "Not the BEES!!!" as well!
I think it's about that time....

Now that you did a lot of costumes of yourself, it's time you drew a costume of yourself non-human...

You must become...KIRBY!!!

Or Metaknight. I have no affiliation with either since we know your going to look cute anyway...
Last panel that Minoru from Lucky Channel?
@maxinesheela: Its a contradiction saying that one's the opposite of what's normally discribed as good. Tomahawk Man is saying Dingo fails at talking to girls.
I like the serious Blitzle. Reminds me of one of those characters that just won't let something go and looks cool doing it.
I Honestly have to say that that is the best face I've ever seen you make. I can feel how in deep he was with the 'Oh shit.' look.
Knuckles: The Master Emerald! It's gone! B-but how could-

*sudden close up*


Now where have I seen this before...

Vegeta: Impossible! How could he have-

*sudden close up*

...Ooooo I have a juicy idea! It's not related to the current match(but I agree with using Jealousy).

Someone needs to come into this comic disguised as a human with a name that starts with an "O", and has a navi with hair as bright as the sun and a scarf as red as blood...oh...and that navi also has a gun and a metal glove!
I think Erase Man is a different element... the one that Target is strong against.

Hyro VI says: He should have gone for a head shot!

Yes, I'm half fluent in l33t 5p34k.
Starman?...I thought the Gygas were an evil alien race?
I just wonder what GANON's up too!

They should just add more powers to Kirby, and freaking go through with that four player Kirby game ALREADY!

One Kirby...Three helpers...and the ability to ride on one wheelie with 3 players on its back! (The wheelie is one of the helpers, so that's 2 helpers and the first player on it's back as a tower.)
I think is has something to do with him always ruining the master emerald, whilst our red friend is tired of her stealing it with no concern for the island...or the land surrounding the splash zone for that matter...

In other words, both of them are a threat to the island.
And then he cracked...again...
Black Crowe II
February 28th, 2011
Question: Will this comic have status affects like in the game? I.E. Ignite, Jolt, Leak.

You might already know the affects, but I explain it for the people new to the game:

Ignite: slowly burns away health

Jolt: hinders mobility

Leak: saps your weapon energy and dramatically shortens your buster range
Give me HOODIES!!!
Make him Search Man!

Oo, OOOOOOoo!!! Gots an IDEA!

V2 and Dave together can become Search Man! Search Man already has two heads, one that acts like a hippie while the others serious about his work!