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Reminds me of Linkara's missing no poem/speech he used in his show xD Haha nice.
So Kululu is dead or joke not gotten on my part xD

Glad to see Oh Gosh is back for some action :P
The thing with having my cousin help out with sprites is that he can at least draw (not well but in comparison to me, you'd confuse him with an actual artist) so it makes it way easier to custom sprite.

Again, 100% Custom.

After playing Cthulhu Saves The World (It's a dollar on Xbox Live Indie or 2 bucks on Steam, go play it. It's amazing). My cousin and I decided on an RPG type game. Because we're more storytellers than epic designers :/

I've seen RPG Maker XP/VX/Ace and I'm contemplating on taking some of my funds and purchasing that program.

If you guys know any RPG building programs for complete beginners, I'd be happy to take a look. :)

Anyway, he doesn't know I'm putting up some of the sprites here ^-^
Assistant was amazing looking with that regular peepz hair.

Now she's amazing in a whole 'nother kinda way xD

I'll assume that she won't be able to keep up with Wallis' hyper activeness.
LOL I found it funny I was searching for a tutorial on Overworld sprites and the first search result was this page :D

Your name is getting out there Zal!
@blitz5000: Yeah I fixed that about two minutes I uploaded this xD I noticed :)
Interesting story
So I bought Dead Pixels the indie game from XBL and I played with my cousin.

My cousin was like "you know how to sprite right?"

He and I wanna start our own game xD so this sprite is completely custom made :) which I haven't done... ever XD

Well, enjoy. I'm not looking for opinions or anything. Though if you wanna give me advice on game making.... :)
Lol reminds me when I first bought Jump Ultimate Stars xP didn't know crap. Now, I know how to at least get to the game :D
@blitz5000: Holy crap he died? Damn man, I used to watch his series every now and again. Shame :( I also saw another flash animator died being mentioned around Newgrounds but I don't know who it is. That's just life I guess :C
@Sagat the Tiger: Someone asked him about it. He confirms it's not.

I would've posted a pic of something but I'm not on my main computer at the moment.

Anyway if you clicked the linked I posted up there, it is a recent blog/journal entry from Alvin Earthworm, creator of the popular sprite flash series Super Mario Bros. Z.

Well, it saddens me to say that the series has officially been cancelled.


Just to say, SMBZ has been a huge HUGE inspiration in my spriting career. I'd always watch it if I ever needed any inspiring ideas or just to get any creative juices flowing.

Knowing that we'll never get to see another episode saddens me completely. SMBZ was the reason I went to the VGLan forums and met my friend Zal and gotten into spriting.

Heh, well if you have any wonderful SMBZ memories, do share in the comments!
Quality Issues
I guess this new image host I'm using isn't doing a very good job. I'll change this sometime today!

EDIT: Quick Fixed! :)
Inspired to do a bit of spriting and this is what came of it. Just a bit of fun. Why these two guys? I had their paint files open :P

Just toyed with some effects and YOU GUESSED IT! LENS FLARARARARARAEE!!!!1!!!1!

The Turtle-esque van was edited by me!

Speaking of Childhood cartoons that now may be ruined, please do a search of "Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles by Michael Bay" and you will see what I mean.

Please do ask more question! I will most likely answer them all unless of course they're too personal or want me to share my juicy secrets :P
I'm in love with this chick :P but I bet it'll be a damn Rattata. Calling it now.
No really... HOW DAFUQ DOES C.O.D. KEEP SELLING? It's all the parents that buy kids these games :/ I don't remember any older folks going to buy Ico for anybody >.< Now that's a game worth sharing!

Part 2 will be up tomorrow or sometime soon! Please do keep asking question, I love sharing my long and hard (innuendo definitely intended) thought out answers!... Cept if it's a Twilight question. I know too many people who like that stuff.
@Tex: I don't think Zal weighs more, he's skinnier than Jo and as a matter of fact Jo is an echidna O: which means for whatever reason, he has a lot of weight in his head (due to spine/dreadlocks) and fists (but I guess that's just my assumption of how humanoid animals compare to human..oid thing Zal is).

But in any case xD page only relates to the result so putting too much thought into it doesn't make sense.
@Tex: Good logic... cept Zal was in front of Jo so he should've taken the brunt of blast... logically...