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I like video games(obviously), skateboarding and Chocolate!!!!
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    No name for you, you silly pervert! *im straight*
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Good job dude, you're getting better by the page.
Scariest smile...ever.
Super epic. I happy as can be.
You've killed some many time children.
This will end....bad....really bad.

Just play Sonic the Hedgehog: New Gen.

Name: Leither "Lunas" Nurambus

History: About 2000 years ago, the first Chaos Sorcerer, Zedus Nuambus, wanted a successor and named his son to be said successor. His rival, Dragnick Liniack, killed Zedus, but Zedus managed to seal his son (at the time 6 years old) in an magical time bomb and hid it in Mobius until present day. When it exploded(or imploded) it didn't damage anything but in the ashes, there was a baby. The baby being Leither Nurambus. He was raised by a young women named Kimoni(to be detailed later). Leither grew up with no knowledge of his father.

One day, on his 15th "birthday" he found a Chaos Emerald that in a chain reaction, burned 2 symbols into his hands(the Crenox from the previous page is one). He then discovered a book that opened a a portal to an alternate space in time known as Nerosis Nile. There lived this special 'bot' known as Mag' Zenos. He implanted into Leither, magically, all forms of fighting known by Zedus. He was quite the accomplished martial artist. But in order to use these skills he had to re-live countless, life endangering adventures to learn and master his powers. Konoloichi, his "Soul Fragment" showed up soon after when Leither had a dream detailing his father's death.

He is now on freelance, doing whatever the hell pops up for him to do. :P
(Really, until I make his comic, I don't want to give away all of his story.)

Weapons & Equipment:Working on it(none at the time)

Powers & Abilities: He uses what's known as "Chaos Poze" which is when he becomes possesed by his "Soul Fragment" sidekick Konoloichi. He' stronger, waaaay faster, and can use the following attacks:

Firoga Chaos-Variably sized fire attacks like fireballs and such. There are no limits to how they are used.(None.....)

Aeroga Chaos- Wind based attacks like slicing air slashes and the like.

Gaiaga Chaos-Earth attacks. Can actually control any minerals including metal.(kinda like in Avatar)
How do you know they're godmods? They're fighting at full strength. I can't make this a pussy fight just cause people out there are whining about godmods. These guys aren't godmods. They belong to their respectful owners and even then they're still not godmods.
A dollor says it's something in the box.
read the title....