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Here are some people I respect on Smackjeeves
As either friends, comic writers, spriters, or just awesome people.

-Ultimate The Hedgehog
-Jason (AKA, Hyper Shadow)
-Burn (AKA, Dvsjr)
-Manny (aka Slipknot6(sic)6)

Well basically I'm going to re-structure my entire profile, because I'm attempting to make a comeback here on Smackjeeves. All I know is I had some really good times on here and it was derp-ish to take a break for a year. Anyway...

The name's Plazmaz, Plaz, Plazzy, Mr. Wonderful, whatever you want to call me. I pretty much suck at making comics but I love to, so I do. That's pretty much how it goes with everything in my life, although I'm becoming pro at spriting.

The comics I'm going to revive are as followed...
-Mario and Sonic: Changing Dimensions
-Pokemon: Legend of the Skeleton Charizard
-Shadow's Story

Even three comics might take a while... but I need to start somewhere.

On another note, I love all sports but unfortunately the MN sport teams suck... so... yeah...

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Creepy was a goal! Haha -- Thanks for the comments! :D
(Aphrodisia + Arachnid)

The beginning of my newest project involving making Pokemon to represent the seven deadly sins.

[ ]Gluttony
[ ]Greed
[ ]Sloth
[ ]Wrath
[ ]Envy
[ ]Pride
Thanks! ^.^
This blends well! :D
I'll see what i can do
Whipped these up recently, and thought to share!

I'll take requests for sure.
none for the price of two sounds like a good deal
Ok, send me your sprites please.

laughing quietly to myself
Transparency was on in panel three so there's a random purple spot on the master emerald.

But I really like panel four.
.....would you like to cameo.....?

@Matt the Fox
Maybe his AIRY GOD MOTHER can save him


you never sent me a cameo

awesome :D

@yoshi freak
thank you, fixed
Ok, there's news but I can't say it now. byee :D
Something tells me this chapter will involve training
You can leave a comment or send me a PM

@Ultimate the Hedgehog
No, I'm just going to kill one of the main characters in the second chapter. :D

yes and thank ya
Here we go; A whole chapter dedicated to what should be an epic battle! And don't worry, don't worry. The Sonic characters will still be in this chapter.


1). Obviously we're starting a new chapter today - the regular update will be issued a bit later in the day. I'm about 20% done but I'm busy so... yeah :D

2). I plan on making this chapter about 10 pages long... with an ending I highly doubt anyone will expect. :3

3). Cameo's are still being accepted... so far we have four: Ultimate the Hedgehog, foxpuff, Matt the Fox, Hydra, and bartekolo
I'd guess Charlottetown because it's big lol
strangely similar to matt.
lol, thanks