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Jelly Bear
Rawr. I is a Jelleh. ;D
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Yeah, been awhile. But not too long, cause I won't allow it!

Anyway, the prologue is finally over and the actual stuff can happen. :3
Pages 19 - 21.

GOOD GOD, it's been a MONTH since I've updated this mirror. So sorry. I have some other projects clumping up. Please forgiiiive. >__<
Pages 16 - 18. :3

XY's coming out soon, though, so I might be kinda lazy for a little while.

That wasn't so bad. -3- Now, updates will at least seem more productive with more content.

Btw, here's a link for your referencing needs.

People seem to trip out on Anthea, (not knowing who she is) and I have no idea why. :I
Jelly Bear
September 24th, 2013
Don't be alarmed. I didn't delete all the pages.

I've decided to upload these in threes, because I do tend to forget to upload here. -3- Some will be in twos, and some will be in fours to compensate for the original single page format.
Book one cover. Prologue is longerish in this one, but kinda more or less the same. -3-
I smell trolls.... >3>;
I'd just like to say...

.....that there's little hope for the world if this is what people do for kicks these days...

Who put the gun to your head and forced you to come here and read this comic? Constructive criticism is something every artist needs, but there's nothing constructive you're doing here. You're just.... bashing for the sake of bashing.

If there's room in the vast Internet for shit-talking scum like yourself, then there's plenty more for artists; beginners AND experts, to partake in their hobbies.... And I find it to be very sad that you're judging as you are.

I'm not telling you to like the comic, but it'd be nice if you could just voice your opinion in a more respectful way. There's no need for a vicious rant.

Would you talk like that to a person in real life? If you do, then you've probably suffered from many broken noses.

Don't you have anything better to do? Where does all this hate come from? You must be either extremely bored and pathetic, or you are one fucked up kid.
Gaaaah! Cuteness overload...! I adore this so very much! I totally want to glomp them, but I'd rather not get poisoned. D:

Thanks for an awesome Christmas this year! x33
First panel is pure win. xDDD
Dayum. I love the effects. Especially the first panel and the razor leaf barrage. ;O Very nice job, Vexx.
I completely understand your situation, because it's basically the story of my life. xD It's nothing but natural of you to cringe at old pages, especially on a project that you haven't touched in some months.

So I say go for it. Write your script. Mend your pages. You want to impress yourself above your fans. You've improved vastly since your last page, so I'm sure you'll get a beautiful result in time. ^__^
Missed an update or two. I feel so out of touch, hahah...
After such a spectacular effort, that's an epic pity. xD Entei's hardly trying.
What about Romeo? xD
Well, that's not very nice, Entei. :/
That would be like, totally fun. Count me in. ;3