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Bonus page previews on Patreon
I’ll be posting advanced pages all this month over on my Patreon at the $3+ tier, as I try to build up my buffer! We’re currently at 4 pages and counting. Any and all support is appreciated!
Fangem Loans & End of Inktober
I was lucky enough to be loaned a couple of characters by other artists/writers over the last few pages! Here’s some overdue attributions:

Idocrase, the green one and big speaker, was designed by @norikart and kindly loaned to me for Fault Lines - thank you again, Rika! (I promise I’ll go back and fix her hair WHOOPS)

I also shamelessly based the two shady gems at the top there (Hematite and Osmium, respectively) on original characters created by my girlfriend, notable Edeleth shipper @scunnerfan. THANKS REMI ♥

One last housekeeping note: now that Inktober’s over, I’m pleased to say that I’m building up my buffer again; I should be able to return to fully rendered pages as of next week. Thanks for bearing with me!
Happy Hallowe'en!
No update this week, I'm afraid - my plans to work on today's page while at my parent's house this past weekend were thwarted when I managed to bring entirely the wrong sketchbook with me, and I still haven't managed to catch up. Here's a Hallowe'en themed pic back from when I was working on Part 1 in the meantime. Happy Hallowe'en, and sorry about the delay!
@KiraMiko: Whoops, good catch - that's what I get for doing the speech bubbles at midnight!
Inktober Start
This "posting unshaded pages" thing might become something of a habit over the next few updates, as I'm taking advantage of the Inktober challenge to work on some non-comic drawings. I hope you won't mind bearing with me!

If you're interested in checking out my Inktober progress, you can find my art on my twitter or tumblr. WISH ME LUCK
I ran out of time for shading on this one, but I'd rather post a mostly-finished page than miss an update. I'll hopefully get the finished version up this weekend! EDIT: now with shading!

PS: I posted a series of work-in-progress shots of this page to my Patreon earlier this week. Check them out here at the $3+ WIP tier:

PS PS: thank you all for your comments and for your continued readership! It's so flattering to have people so invested in my work, aaaAAAAAAAAA
I hope you're all enjoying the comic so far (and thank you for all the lovely comments)!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to announce that I've recently launched a Patreon, with a bunch of bonus content, and early access to queued pages. Check out the details below!
@Han jae: Hi there! Fault Lines was started on Tumblr in 2015, and therefore is slightly canon divergent; when I started work on the comic shortly after Jailbreak, we only knew of 9 single gems, and the only known fusions were Opal, Garnet, Alexandrite, Malachite and Sugilite. Other parts of the story will differ as well, as we didn't have much to go on back at the end of Season 1. I hope this clears things up! :)
Cover Art Credit
As with the previous cover, this was drawn by my good friend Ver! They are EXTREMELY talented and were recently hired by Boom Studios to draw an official (!!!) SU comic about Stevonnie. Find out more here!

You can follow Ver on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram:
@Guest: No to worry - you're not the first to make that mistake and I don't think you'll be the last! :D
@Guest: Not sure if this was in response to anasofi3210's comment, but if so: Jasper (and all the other Gems in this comic) uses she/her pronouns!
It is indeed an axe and I have regretted not showing it from more angles for THREE YEARS

(ty for all your comments btw! I'm bad at responding but I appreciate them all)
Hi, thanks for reading! Just to clarify: as with all other Gems in this comic, Jasper uses she/her pronouns!
This is one of the parts that has become slightly more clearly canon divergent since 2015! Luckily Rose's involvement is fairly minor. I hope you all enjoy the comic regardless!
Artist credit
This cover art was drawn by Ver! They are an extremely talented artist, so be sure to check out their work on Twitter!
Oh, ye gods, reading 171 pages of comic this late at night/early in the morning is NOT a good idea. XD

Nevertheless! Awesome story. I love how dysfunctional Alice and Tal's relationship is. XD And I thought that I'd seen all the hero vs villain spoofs already, but somehow you manage to make it all seem fresh. :D

Also, seeing your improvement is pretty awesome too. Keep it up! :D :D :D