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nice lol
oh heck no
lol yes ^
Agreed ^
panel 5 = love
Love the third panel. Tommy is gorgeous from that angle.
LOL, that is hilarious.
January 18th, 2010
lol ok this caught my attention. i must keep reading
:( sad, so sad.
This was a mega update. Im sure whatever you come up with will be great.
Love it. Cant wait for more.
lol, that was nice.
lol, oh my. That was funny (I dont think you understand the situation your in. priceless)
lol, i love this
lol right. REEL QUIK
I love this whole page lol
This is so funny (are you serious? priceless)

Now we just need Hinduism and Buddhism and we have the major religions of the world down packed.
Why dont you take off that rag.
I know the feeling...