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I love Jesus, dragons, video games, (espesialy mario, sonic and kirby) animals and drawing.
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A few notes, his crystal sword has ice/frost powers, and his obsidian dagger has fire powers.

Also his eyes change color with his emotions, so anyone using them *cough-haunted-house-authors-cough* need to be sure to change the color of his eyes accordingly, because if they're left grey it means he's void of any emotion, which doesn't usually happen for most people.

thats about it.
I finally figured out a way to acquire all my old sprites! so now I'm uploading year old sheets for haunted house. yeah, fun.
hmm, I like the idea behind the color scheme, but the dull pink of those quills with the bright blue of the other quills isn't too appealing, have you tried a brighter pink or a duller blue?
So I was looking for a sprite I had posted a while back for a project I'm working on, and I was thinking to myself "why did I stop coming on smackjeeves?" Then I found the sprite I was looking for, and glanced through the "constructive" (in air quotes) criticism in the comments. And I went "oh yeah... Everyone's an asshole." (Not you guys, you're great.)

So now I'm back. I guess.
Guys, really? You're really that immature that THIS happens while I'm gone?
Um, are holes in the house possible? Because the house is supposed to be unescapable, right? Either way awesome page.
B, although the colors (especially the light blue) need more contrast.
I like meteors many faces in the last panel.

And wonderful, I just realized the sprites you all have of Vivian are the ones without her bangs.
Nice, I've been hoping you update your sprites.
Oops. I forgot to add *drop* to the panels where she releases everyone. Oh well.
here's my well drawn, yet horribly colored comic. and I have to say, Axe is my new favorite because of the part he plays in this comic.

sorry this didn't actually continue the story line, but I felt the need to include some of Vivian's untimely humor into the battle, hence her capture and mockery of everyone.
also, If i had access to I could have made this actually look good, but I unfortunately don't have that on my family's laptop.
hopefully I find the will to continue drawing these crappy comics, otherwise I won't be able to add very much to the battle.

and if anyone wants to color these comics in or Photoshop for me so they look better, I'd love to hear from you.

>end ranting
Alright, I think I'm going to do the next comic for the fight, and since I'm drawing it (no computer) please be a little patient.

No, I just ment how the giant purple hands were almost black in frosts comic, but in yours there sprites and almost white, and I probably would have used tentacles instead of hands, I just found it funny how everyone did it differently.
I love how Vivian's attacks change appearance between authors.

I kinda wish I could make a comic and help out with the fight. Nice comic though.

Also, frost can you send Vivian's newer sprites to everyone? Your the only one that has them.
Needs more contrast in the pink
I think PB's head seems a little big, other than that these are really cool. I especially like ice prince Finn, but his hair should be really long, similarly to the ice kings beard.
I'd like to point out that I would be updating if I had acces to a computer and my sprites. But yeah, I'm still unfortunately on hold.
Look at that zman, running like a coward.
D: shut up.

I don't even know what your talking about.
If you're just changing the colors, try this

You can finish sheets a lot faster with it.

Also, just because the bluish white looks good on sonic doesnt mean it looks good on shadow. The blue in his gloves and shoes stands out too much, try experimenting with different colors like light pink or grey to see what looks best with him. Same goes for super sonic and super shadow, try changing the blue in the gloves to a light tan or yellow.