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"..let your mind..go wild.."
me too. It's nasty.
Oscuro's just a natural born rapist. hahah i love him
hahahahahaha pedophile!!!
Luz "Must draw.. yaoi Oscuro.."
Oh Luz, you perverte.
page is happy
i feel so smart.
just words
lol 'cos she messed up Oscuro's table cloth.
oh my. I see Hairo blush.
Oscuro.. you scare me sometimes.
there's a killy man in the background!!
poor hairo..
Wait wait. who slapped who!?
WEEEEEEEEE so cutteee
lol Hairo.
This is totally a yaoi moment. (sorry)
words are claustrophobicing me
Stalker Oscuro
"warnning the words are comeing" lol.

I love Oscuro in this page!
lol Emerson
No! Hairo is a good person, Oscuro!
HAIRO!!!!!!!!!!!!! And effortless page is awesome.