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Mr. X
I am a man of mystery and have come to help those in need, secretively!

Also I go by another name in the Smackjeeves world, but you will never figure it out!
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Hey! She found the doorway to the Void!
Everybody! Quick! Get In!
That is what you think!
*walks away laughing evily!*
All out Charge!
Popeye Parody!
Luigi: That's all I can stand and I can't stand no more!

*pulls out a can of spinach and eat it!*

*flexs his muscles that are now huge!*

*charges at X!*
damn it gatemaster!
now the finals are going to take even longer
Trainer Request!
Cloaked Mysterious Trainer!
i'm thankful...
that we can see some serious @$$-kicking!
here is a request!
Trainer X, the trainer of complete mystery!
Mr. X
November 13th, 2009
To Phoenix:
Am I in?
I vote djoing!
cause he is the best
did i say 1?
i meant 5!
Or maybe it's something more?
This certainly is a mystery!
Mr. X
November 12th, 2009
I can be your partner for Survive 2...
If Pheonix will let me join?

Oh, by the way, names Mr. X, mystery man extrodinaire!
I, Mr. X, have given you a 1 rating!
because I can!