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An artist that loves cartoons, videogames and of course, comics!
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Time for the gang to shop.

Ears are tough to draw too.

Thanks for reading! It always makes me smile when you comment too, feedback really helps me out. My baking classes takes up a lot of my time but I'll try to keep working on these pages!

Next week the gang will be in Etto!

Making these pages is teaching me so much. Like, who knew I'd have to draw so much dirt!

An update hiccup...
Sorry for missing so many updates! School started up again so new pages of Hotarugari will now be up on Sundays. Please forgive the tardiness and enjoy the pages to come!

Such a wonderful ending! I love it!!! Thank you for making this comic, Ashling. You're such an inspiration!
Bit late on this update, but my final exams have been kicking my keester! Just one more week and I'll have a life again. Thanks for sticking with me and this silly webcomic of mine.

Hi. Updates will be every Wednesday!

Let's kick off the new year with webcomics! :D

Wow, Smack Jeeves has a new look! How long has it been?!

Thanks for sticking with me. Even years later, I'm still working away on this comic, and I'm really grateful you're here.

Happy New Year Everybody!

November 5th, 2015
Welcome back!! :D So happy to see you and your art on Smack Jeeves again! Love this comic, thank you so much for sharing. <3
Still working away, but drawing magical fox furniture is a lot of fun.

Yay, another page! And someone is about to get sat on...

Thanks goes out to all the fans of Hotarugari, but especially to those who've become patrons on Hoarugariā€™s Patreon---your pledges are really helping me to keep comic pages coming! And to show my thanks, patrons now get to see the newest page of Hotarugari an entire week before it goes public. Thanks again, everybody, it means the world to me!

He also gets his jacket too! Their clothes and shoes are in that closet next to Hotaru, but since it's not shown in the comic, it could be magic. ;)
Caught the second worst flu of my life, but I'm feeling fine now! Back to drawing Hotarugari and my favorite tanuki!!

Late update because of other due dates, but I managed to get this page out anyway! Thanks for waiting!!



CrowWingedAngel - Thank you, I love them too!

SJNinja - Me too! We're FINALLY getting into the inner workings of their world, one of the coolest parts, and I'm so eager to show you more. Steve doesn't know squat about these rules either, so it's going to be lots of fun making him miserable with them. Mwahaha.

NaginiFay - Thanks tons! It was a lot of work, but fun too.

Lilyka - Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me that! Getting such a positive response makes me love working on Hotarugari all the more. I'll keep at it for you! :'3

thegreatawsum1 - It's so wonderful that you notice things like that! Providing information about their world without slowing down the story sure is tricky, but I'm so pleased to know my efforts are paying off. We may have a short lecture later, but I'll try to keep it minimal. And thanks!

IndyGo - And I really want to show more of it too! It's so fun getting to share these details. In fact, Hotaru could have lost the use of his left arm PERMANENTLY if the channel had been separated completely. Lucky Yumi was there to patch him up!
(Really? I'll have to look this up! I've never played Tales of Phantasia, but Tales of Symphonia was really fun! :D)

EEVEELOVER!!! - Thank you! I'm so happy you're enjoying it!
Thanks for the faves and comments!! Haven't had much time to work on Hotarugari, but I'm trying to have a page every 2nd and 4th Wednesday now. Next page is a doozy too, I'm really looking forward to drawing it!


EDIT: Changed "spirit wounds" to "spirit tears" because it's simpler to say. XD


CrowWingedAngel - Hee hee, thank! Happy you're enjoying the story, and we'll see what happens to Hotaru! ;D

Indy Go - Not too big, but definitely something causing Hotaru harm, for sure. Haha, and thanks! Amazing World of Gumball is one of my favorite shows!!

NaginiFay - Poison would have been fun! XD Can't wait to put this fox kid through so much, haha.

Lenichi - Thank you so much!! Really appreciate all of you taking the time to comment! <3
Caught a cold, but that won't stop me from getting another page done! ;D

Reply: harunnn
Thank you, thank you, Haru!! What a wonderful comment, I'm all smiles now! It takes a lot of time and effort to keep it up, but it's great to know my hard work is paying off. ^V^ And yeppers, these two will be having some festival fun! Although Yumi won't like it much, haha.