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Yes, Captain~! Fwoooosh~!

*flies away*
The talking pair of boobs has a face? o_o
Pfft. And you said there would be no BL. ^.~
Hahaha, I'd probably do that too if my buddy ditched me to chase tail, just saying. He'd owe me a beer after that. XD Go Tay~!

As to the incentive pic: Squish indeed.
Pfff. Awkward turtle! XD

And you were right. It IS a better song to have stuck in the head.
...and suddenly I don't like Ms. Boobs anymore. >_> *hiss*

Historical Julian, though? Oooo :3 I likes.
Tay's face in the "Boob senses are tingling!" panel looks like he's saying "Ugh, this beer tastes like piss!" Just sayin' >_>

Boooobs. I'm glad she's shown up~! :3

And I love the vote incentive. But then, I just love Darrell in general. XD;;; *pedo, apparently*
Suuuure, Taylor. Sure. XD
Shirt~! Ooo...

And I proof-read it this time for you, THANKYOUVERYMUCH. Though, your apostrophes are tiny and hurt my eyes. XD So if you ever miss one, I'll never know.

Bar? Oooo :3
I love both the bloody incentive and the adorable Becca picture. <3

....and I love the look on Julian's face in that last panel, omg. XD
Video Games = Miracle Cure XD

That's all I can say.
Character Incentive = BOOBS

Comic = OMG. I love Becca lots and lots. XD

Yesss, play a game! <3
I'm an English Student teacher in my other life. So yes, that's the "The Life of Pi" that you're thinking about, madbrook95~

I was sitting in the English lounge and wanted to pick a book for him to read, and "The Life of Pi" was right in front of my face. Seemed like something he might pick up, but IDK. XD

Glad ya'll like the guest strips~ <3
Teddy stare!

Nothing else to say. XD
It says "get your minds outta the gutter," if you must know. XD

Glad ya'll seem to be enjoying the shampoo bottle controversy~ :3
Yes. Shampoo bottle. >_> Can't read the little note now that it's re-sized.

And Tay's shirt says "All your base are belong to me," for those of you wondering.

Skull Candyyyyy~!

*doesn't have anything else to say*
Scrabble! That's more original for ghost communication than a Ouija (or however that's spelled) board. XD

Have fun on your triiiiiip!
D'awww, air swirlies!

Did she...crash into his closet? o_o Or did she want to play with Julian's clothes? XD
Awww Beccaaa~! Cute. <3

Poooor freaked out Darrell. XD