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Look at her smug little face in the last panel, she's so pleased with herself
Missed you!
Your art, i just... IT'S SO PRETTY DX
Okay, how can his father not melt when he sees Ink's face? Ink is adorable!
October 13th, 2012
Not the flowers D:
85 degrees? You are so lucky! It's gotten up to 102 degrees here :(
@super chao: His dad had to use a lot of power to send him back. Loki mentions it very briefly...
I wore my Flash hoodie to see the Avengers... It was a good thing the theater was dark...
That pose Hiddy is doing in panel one looks like a pose tommy did earlier...
As terrible as it would be, I would probably laugh a little if Herz exploded...
Okay, everyone is complaining about the Homestuck looking art, while I on the other hand am laughing so hard about it XD
Please, do not quit this comic. Maybe take a hiatus, but please do not quit. :(
I don't get it... So it's awesome :)
October 11th, 2011
This is kind of hilarious. Marc is like "uhhh" and John's just like "Hey what's up?" XD
Okay, I cannot wait to see Val hug Jacob :D
September 26th, 2011
God you scared me for a second! I read "This is my last update...." and almost died O___o
... Then I read the rest... :D
Happy almost Birthday!
And, oh noes! I don't want you to die that would make me cry. O__O I am sending get better vibes~
And, OMG first comment?! Weird...
Lawl. Kim, you deserve to punch her. Noemi needs to learn to listen.
Pimp smack him Mika. Hard. That'll knock some sense into his brain.