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"But he was owned. If he wasn't he wouldn't respond like a silly boi (can't say retard. THAT'D BE FLAMING!)."

"Cman, SL, Crazy, that Fish weirdo"

"Also, Cman logged out, you're only sticking up for him because your his gay lover so...w/e. And we're not even gang banging him? Mydoctor and that ther guy were already in an argument with him so yeah lol. And how does it matter if we're not authors? If SL can criticise others, we can too so kindly stfu plz. Silly boi."

"lol SL getting owned so he replies with a dumb comment. so c00t that he thinks he's smart. ^_^

Oh, also. Italics don't make you cool hurr"

Yes he is definitely just voicing his opinion. *Laughing uncontrollably* I hate that I got dragged into this, but I blame myself for even responding to such an obvious troll. Everyone please stop commenting at this point, as Lamoop and Shard will be very angry when they see that their entire page was flamed. Let the troll get his last word, and all will be right in the troll kingdom. *Laughs*
*Laughing Out Loud* at me being pulled into this argument. This guy is a dungeon troll! Dungeouy troll why don't you go back to papa troll?? S.L, and everyone else on this page please ignore this guy, I thought he would at least be reasonable but he is obviously trying to get under your skin, and he is pulling down anyone he can at this point when he never even commented when S.L was. He wasn't apart of the argument and is just one of those "clean up trolls," who come and flame the place after the real fighting is done!
"But he was owned. If he wasn't he wouldn't respond like a silly boi (can't say retard. THAT'D BE FLAMING!).

But I am very sorry Cman, SL, Crazy, that Fish weirdo who is calling us stalkers eventho he appears whenever SL is in a fight and sticks up for him, for flaming you all. I really am. Please forgive me idiots. "

1. When was the last time S.L even responded? You're the only one still arguing at this point, so concerned about you winning an argument that you were never even apart of. *Laughing out loud*

2. Why am I a weirdo? For commenting asking you to stop flaming? Stop being lame, go flame some other place dumby.
S.L: it seems like people are trying to stalk your comments and flame you because they think you'll react. I agree with what your saying, I have been watching since micronesia, but all the same don't give them the gratitude. Coconut_Man is obviously bating you and mydoctor really isn't the sharpest tool in the shed if you know what I mean :p haha
March 11th, 2011
I like this comic to! But I agree with S.L the drawing aren't as good as the sprites were. Stop flaming him over it guys; Grow up.
NonBackgrounder...your me....dizziness..
aw is that your special somebody, cado? <:3. I got to go pick up some chicks at the dance tonight. >:3
Thank goodness. Im sorry but your cousin was a power abuser. Not ghetto dude. :\ He said if i commented i'd be banned! can you believe that!
Plutoz...Could you like stop? Youre instigating this shit...not ghetto :/
not ghetto man :/ what are you doing stealing these guys sprites? Huh? think your a big man or somethin'? Your not cool bro.
Cubey I'm happy to see youre improving.
Triple AAA: One you're an author on the comic you gotta stay on the banner.

EDIT: I'll also make poses fo r you
My sheet so far. I know I only got 4 poses but at least theyre ghetto. :/