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I've wanted to be a comic artist since I was twelve. Then starting in high school, I started getting a whole bunch of stories bottled up in my head. And then I drugged up my brain on loads of comics to gain much needed knowledge to enhance and improve them for the better. Now that I've discovered Smackjeeves, let my head open up and unleash all the bottled stories that my head holds.

In addition to comic books, I also work with movies as well, mainly Animation. But I'll just end it here as I don't want to rant about myself.
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Interesting style, I like the use of pure black and white and no gray. That takes some real skill.
So yeah, it's been a while. I was working on a video project, some school stuff and suffered some winter depression all which prevented me from working on this somewhat complex page. I'll try to update more in the summer, amongst the other stuff going on.
I'm so sorry it's been like three months since the last update, I really don't like to let the counter go beyond two months.

I was working on a video project, suffered from power outs and post winter depression. The next page is in my computer and I'm working on it and should get it up sometime in the near future. Summer I'll have another big video project and some other things, but I will attempt to update as best I can. Sorry again, I'm working on it.
Okay, the last page wasn't the best as I could've done. I was under a bit of pressure and really wanted to move onto this page. But I'm making up for it with a much better layout and scape.

As I've said, I'm going to try and update more frequently. I don't want another five to six months with no updates.
It's like a Tim Burton film, and I love Tim Burton Films.
Interesting art style
And we're back.
After a long break to re-discover my soul, find the holy grail, figure out why 2 + 2 = $ and attempting to stop Seltzerburg from making movies forever (that last one failed), Dino Guardian returns. Finally the last page with the rainy streets, now it's time to start moving on. I've gone back to inking by hand because it's easier and more in control. I was kinda lazy on this page, the next one should be more detailed.

I'll try to update on a more consistent schedule, but we are upon November when all hell breaks loose at college. Next page may not come out till December at least.
Alright, I'm just commenting to let people know I'm still alive. I know it has been a while since I updated. I really want to get back to this comic, but some of my summer projects fell behind and I'm trying to finish them. I do have the next page inked and ready for toning, but I'm trying to clear the air first. I hope to have it done and up in October.
Whow wee
This one I really pulled out. After doing this comic since December while working through school and doing almost nothing else, I've grown tired and really didn't feel like working at the time, but I really wanted to get out one more page before the last full month of the semester.

So anyway, here's page 7. I'm now going on a long vacation, so I can regenerate and focus on other projects. I'm also going reorganize and start working with more professional tools. I'm going to go back to inking by hand which I feel is faster and easier to control. When new pages come out (about August or September), the story will really start to progress and you might notice some differences in inking. Till then keep it real!!

P.S. I know the kid has now eyebrows, that's because she looked so cute without them.
This looks Cool
This is looking kinda interesting. Such nice detail. Let's see where this goes.
I've been pondering how long this chapter will take. The story is supposed at least twenty eight chapters long, yeah, it's lengthy, but necessary. The number one thing I will not do is rush, and lead to a poorly told story. I'm hoping sometime in the future I can move faster. I also have another comic that will debut after two chapters of this and they will be worked on together.

This first chapter will be a little longer than the regular chapters (maybe 30 or 40 pages). The other chapters will be like 22 pages. I hope to get this first chapter done by summer of 2012.
I'm here to make a few announcements now for anyone reading Dino Guardian here. First of I will say there will be a new page up by the end of the month (hopefully). After page seven, I will take a break from this comic for a while. Although I do indeed like working on it, I really need to take a break. First off, the semester is ending soon and April will probably be really busy, and second I have been working on this comic long an hard since January, and doing both this comic and all three of my studio classes can get very tiring and I'm pretty much out of energy. If I don't take a break and keep going in my current state, I risk getting sloppy and making lazy pages. In addition, come May 1st I will be working on a number of non comic projects that have been on the waiting rack since last year, and I won't have time to work on all of them plus the comic. Page seven will come out soon, but after that there won't be anymore pages for a good while, until I've had some time to regenerate.

But I do hope that when I return, I'll be able to do more with my time.
Whew, thought I'd never get this page done. This is by far the most tedious and difficult page to date. The hard part was this is the first page that features human characters without shadow, and the fact that I'm still learning to ink on the computer with Manga Studio, made stuff like anatomy difficult to do. Even though I thought the drawing itself looked good, the inked version looked like it needed some fixing (which also took some time). Then there was of course that horrible umbrella, which was so hard to draw (I spent like a whole night of free time just doing the umbrella). And I still need to draw it for another two pages at least. Wah!!!
A world war manga, not much of those these days. And this tech is pretty amusing.
Dude, This whole comic is freakin awesome. The art, the story and especially the humor. Plus it's really fast paced for people on the go.
Such an interesting art style, and it fits a classic movie. This looks great.

P.S. I'm still trying to figure out smackjeeves too, I barely know how to work this stuff.
February 8th, 2010
This looks interesting, I'm curious to see where this goes.
Simple title page, nothing more. Easiest Page done.
Dino Guardian Ch 1 pg 4
The fourth page is finally done. Obviously one of the more complicated pages. Little spoiler, the guy with the blotted out face will be a major character later in the story (but not this chapter).
Chapter 1 Page 3
Finally, the first page to feature a character (or machine) out of the shadows. The body structure and everything was greatly drawn from some of my Transformer toys..