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Hey wait just a minute
... Er det danske kr jeg ser der?
Oh wow. Oh poor poor little thing. I would be planning bloody murder.
@massey: I don't think that anyone is okay with rape as a rule, but fiction is not irl.
The way that you draw hands is just.. unf. So gorgeous.
Oh dear. Why do I have this really uncomfortable feeling that Emil might have taken Matthias to bed? That'd really throw a spanner in the works. Still, I cannot wait to find out what's going on!
September 17th, 2016
I don't find Aldi whiney at all. In fact, I think he's taking everything in strides o.o And considering that everything can blow up in his face and he could very well end up dead from what he's doing, it makes sense to me that he'd want to feel good before he can't anymore. Sex tends to provide that for people. Plus it's a well known method for stress relief. I won't lie, I've not been Kris's biggest fan, but I definitely understand Aldi and find him a very strong and determined individual.
I cannot help but to think that while it would of course be the wrong thing to do, to hurt him, I also fully understand why Hendrix might feel like he'd have to. No doubt he feels like he has so very much to lose and, at that age, those things seems so very important.
I definitely did not see this coming. The ending was twisted and unexpected, and I loved it. I had no idea I would like this sort of thing, it's generally not my style, yet here I am thinking 'well boo, over so soon? I could get addicted to this'. It says a lot about the artist and the method of delivery, that you managed to get me interested in something I wouldn't normally like. Not to mention that I've posted twice on one comic, which is pretty much unheard of for me.

I would love to see anything you might produce in the future, cause I am sure it'd be absolutely lovely. Very very good work!
November 5th, 2015
I don't often comment on anything but...
.. I really need to tell you how absolutely stunning the way you colour is. Not to mention how much I adore your art style. Which is a lot FYI. I have no real idea of where this comic is going per se, but I cannot wait to find out :D keep up the brilliant work!
I find it a bit funny that you're more or less telling people to stop caring so much about Angel's comic.

Isn't the sign of a truly great comic, a truly great writer of same, that people forget themselves? That with just a few pages, the writer can break hearts or cause elated cries of happiness? That people forget for a moment that, technically, the characters are not real so in the end they shouldn't really care what happens to them one way or another?

I think you misunderstand the fans if you think that any of these comments are an attack on the writer. This is people theorizing, people analysing, people guessing and hoping and even just admitting that, damnit, this comic moved them something terribly. It's what people all around the world has always been doing to something that moves them. Books, movies and comics. They even made a study of it, I head. They call it literature science.

I just know I had another point.. hmm... Ah yes; Turtle (may I call you that? I hope so, or I have just gravely offended you. Which would be unfortunate), you wrote; "Secondly,it probably scares Angel half to death when guys comment things like "They should just stay apart" or "Kaito's too selfish and Shuno's too abusive. They don't need each other." The thought of "Oh my god they're not getting the point" may cross her mind, or "Oh know I'm losing fans" may cross too"(end of quote :D). Well, if Angel feels like that I hope she will take our posts for the ignorant rants of fans that they are. Really, Angel, sweet, if you're reading this I surely hope you do.

We, as mere fans (somehow I always come to think of the electronic device when I write that word) do not know the hole story. We theorize and judge based not only on what we've seen, but what we /feel/ while seeing it. We might well be proved wrong later (in fact, we likely will, or I selfishly hope so), and at that point I have no doubt every fan will express their happiness.

Oh, and I never said anything about Kaito being with Oasis. I'm theorizing again, I hope you'll forgive me for doing so, but his love for her seems brotherly at best. This being a yaoi comic, however, makes it entirely possible that both Kaito and Shuno may find other males to be with, especially because it has been hinted that others with coloured eyes may show up. Whether or not the fans would like it (many seem very passionate about Shuno and Kaito, while I personally feel sorry for Shuno constantly being told "don't give up"), one cannot say. It would certainly be a surprise like no other, though. Some authors seems to like to do that.

God, this was really not meant to offend in any way (and I hope it didn't). If anything, I hope that, should Angel indeed feel nervous as you theorize she might, this will still her nerves slightly.

Us bothering to attempt to analyse her characters (poorly so at times, I admit), is nothing if not a testimony to her incredible talent.
I cannot be the only person who thinks it'd be better if this was the end of Kaito and Shuno, can I?

Don't get me wrong, I am all for true love, happy endings and conquering everything that's in the way, really I am. That doesn't mean, though, that at some point it just stops being worth all the heartaches involved for both parties.

Shuno's abusive, mostly physically. He raped Kaito for crying out loud, and is possessive to the extend where it controls the life of his lover, limits it.

With that said; if Shuno's abusive, then /so is Kaito/. Sure, it's more on an emotional level, yes, but that doesn't make it any less cruel. Kaito is incredibly selfish and it seems to blind him to a degree where Shuno just has to suffer through it. Kaito talks about how Shuno's keeping them unmoving, which is true, but he himself is the one ensuring they'll never go anywhere but backwards if they finally do move. Kaito is neglective, selfish and honestly a bit of a dick.

I realize that Shuno might not deal well with a permanent end to their relationship. I suspect he'll kill his emotions to avoid feeling the pain and he'll probably be disinterested in having another relationship for a long time. Still, there's the chance he might eventually find someone who'll be as passionate about him as he is about them. Mind you, it might not necessarily be love, not on his part at least, but contend is better than misery any day.

...And Kaito can go on to find a person willing to cater to his every demand with no thought what so ever for anything in return, even attention. I'm sure such a person is out there somewhere.

I wonder if I am going to get killed for saying they'd be better off not getting back together? For saying that Kaito isn't really worth the struggle?

Incidentally, I don't at all blame Oasis. Sure, she's a bit dim, but it's not really her fault she got stuck in the middle. Kaito put her in that situation and seems to mean to keep her there. When he went after her, he choose who was the most important to him. Or worse; he assumed that Shuno'd just forgive him anyway because the poor guy loves him. The mindset of a narcissist; I can do whatever the hell I wish to and they still won't leave me.
Oh guest, you
If nothing else, 'guest' seems to be more than willing to shower the artist with compliments. The clever use of different type of names completely takes away attention from how similar the comments seem 8D.

Sure, like everyone and their mum's horse I was sad to see this comic go down the drain. We've all followed these boys for ages, so how could we not care? But funnily enough, I was more annoyed with the many people suddenly going; "omg, I never commented before, but plz plz plz dun drop diz comik just cuz I comment nao, plz". To be honest, I am going to be very disappointed if the comic starts back up just because the artist got a boost of attention from this little stunt of theirs. He/she said it was dead, which'd be fine if it'd just staid dead. No need to beat the thing any more and just upload random crap.
Sandwich! Sandwich all the way!

Well, I'm Danish and there's no way we'd ever wear shoes inside. It'd be considered extremely rude.
I have been reading for a long time but haven't commented before because.. eh.. I am lazy.

During this comic I have felt miserable, sighed in happiness and when Ed was degraded to bottom I raged. Impossible! It soon turned to bargaining; surely Ed could just top once in a while? Once in a year? Now I find myself having completely accepted Liam as a top and I'll go as far as to say it's rather adorable.

In my book a good comic is one that can make you keep reading. A GREAT comic, however, is one that will have you experiencing various emotions over the course of it. Your comic has most certainly delivered that; anything from happiness to outrage.

So keep your head up. This comic is something special and no matter what; the decision to make Liam seme was the right one. Probably. Hahaha.
I have to admit I do not comment half as often as I should.. but this was too good not to.

The plot (what I have seen of it so far) is intriguing, so much in fact that I found myself unable to stop until I read everything you have made so far. The art is, needless to say, gorgeous and I rather love how there's no typical uke characters (The typical uke to me being basically a girl with no breast and a cock).

This is one of the best comics I have stumbled across on smackjeeves and I look very much forward to seeing the future pages for it.
^^;; ...
It might be a bit odd but... Calling him an ass seems a bit harsh. 3 years IS a long time... Especially if you don't expect to see the other again... To me it seems pretty natural if he moved on >>; And certainly not something you could call him an ass for.. ^^;; *Runs before he gets his face beat in*
Character sketch 6
Koosee; A Demon Caller who just wants to do the right thing.
Character sketch 5
Mokuteki; A blind gunsman, who doesn't even have a gun.
Character sketch 4
Tanjoo; A princess of a kingdom long gone.