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Not much about me, just that I like to draw, read manga, play sports and chill.
Favorite Character!
My favorite character is without a doubt Chakin/Sir Russell the fifth/the Mommy!

He's my favorite because he's shy, stubborn and socially awkward, which are all traits that make him adorable! But what I admire most is how he is rather unapproachable by others, yet just like Riona, he is learning to put himself out there with the help of his newfound friendships with Jun and Shichi (but mostly Shichi). And he somehow always seems to show how much he cares for his friends; even though he's only known the gang for a short period of time, he has already gone out of his way to help them and prove that he genuinely cares for them.
And with a name like Sir Russell the Fifth and a tomato-shaped hairdo, you can't get any better than that! :D
October 13th, 2010
Don't get me wrong, the whole blushing thing pointing towards EricxCora is awesome, but did anyone else notice that Lilly seems to be blushing as well?

Do I sense an unrequited love relationship between Lilly and Oliver? :)
I have a feeling Rin's gonna flirt it up with Zoshi and then try to get rid of him!
Hopefully Kea will become jealous and then save the day! :D
Yay, I was finally able to send my entry through a PM!
Thanks for your help WalkedAway!
I have an entry, but for some reason I can't send a private message to you (perhaps it's because I just started an account?). Is there any other way I can submit my entry?