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Really, I never know what to write for these things so..

I'm a writer and an artist, who writes and draws mostly 'original' stuff. I rarely do fanart, buut it sometimes happens.

I have one account here, with two stories that never really got kicked off, and are made with bad quality using my art from about a few years ago, and I'd been meaning to redo them, but I get sidetracked and bored of things easily. I have ideas for another comic, though, so maybe that might get kicked off instead.

I have no idea.

Uhh, You can call me Hina, Nicole, Hinana(+ how many extra na's you want), Silk, SouthKorea/Korea/South (Since I usually make my LS name "SouthKorea" if it's available.), it doesn't matter, you know, as long as I know it's me you're talking to. D:

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B( Ugghh..She really doesn't want to hang out with anyone who isn't Blake, does she?
I dunno if he wants to spend time with you though. B(
Q___Q Oh my gosh.
Uuugghh, no! Come on, Gareth. B(
You go, Sasha!!
Are you sure it's Ruthie that's the shallow one?
Uuuuuughhh, Blake. You are kind of a shitty friend, do you not see this poor girl?
At least he admitted he wanted it, I guess.
You tell 'im, Blythe! *0*)/)
...Well, that was bold.
:C That's really uncool, Blake..
v___v Sighh, Blake..You are in some deep poo. Janey please beat him up or something ehwgiuahuigawhiu
:'( Blaakeee, don't gooo..
Oh gosh, I just love Janey here. ;u;
whgiuwhgiuw the 'woo' guy, oh my gosh.
Well...At least she was wearing pants/shorts(?) under her dress..?