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Toxic Rabbit
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Should I be scared right now? 'Cause I am...
I'm back! I can't wait to start updating again. As you read my computer up and blew itself up but that's ok now because I have a labtop! Oh, yeah. My b-days tomarrow aswell. The reason why I got my labtop is because my grandma wont be here to give it to me tomarrow. So, yay!
I couldn't breath for a little bit. The best thing is... this is something I'd actualy try to do.
Also, sorry I havn't updated for such a long time. My computer is hating me for some reason.
W-why am I gropping Naomi out of no were? I wouldn't do that!
Sorry I've been away for a long time. Just had to deal wi-... Naomi decided to say yes? Oh my god I think don't think I could have come back on a better note.
Well. Someone just admit to it please. No more angry Toxic. Just stop this... end it please.
But it wasn't me! I swear this Rabbit had no hand in this!
s-shut up... *laughing uncontrolably*
Ya... sorry if that was unclear... but why would she make it and not make a comment to it?
Now that I cheaked that, I look like an idiot for saying you made it...
Yes it does and... maybe... the comic hasn't told.
edit: WAIT! are YOU the one who made this?
I know me and Naomi are... well not yet in the comic but... anyways, WHO MADE THESE! ANSWER ME!
Wtf?!?! Who made this?
It's good to know Toxic atlest had a better life than I thought it would end up to be... wait, he had a children? Two children? I need to brush up on my own character...
This is the only art I have of him...
Anyways, the reason his files were burned is not because I don't have a full back story for him. Who told you that.
Edit: Oh, and expect one for Nikko aswell. I atlest got a story for him. (Original idea befor Toxic)
The sad thing is. This actualy happened to me once aswell.
... Why is bad things gonna happen?
Edit: wait what happened to the previous comments?
You do? Dang... can you Pm them to me?