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I love Dave so much. He makes me happy xD
The collar is by Adventure Time rules where the person wearing the collar must speak normally and the collar will do everything.
Following UP rules on that each voice is unique.
Second Update
So every week, I shall be posting Saturdays and second update on Sundays! With possible third updates throughout the week.
Pages 01-02
Since this is launch day here is another update.
Updates are coming every Saturday.

Launch of Legendary Volume 1!
Celebrate time!
Dang I loves em pokemons.
@fullmetalrunt: Uh? Magmar? Magby?

I don't know which you are talking about. I assume the Magby. Thats a second gen pokemon. Official Magby looks retarded. I made him look similar to my reimagining of the Magmar on purpose.