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Ah, so this is why I couldn't see your website anymore. I was wondering if it was my computer being derpy again.
December 29th, 2011
I'm sorry for being so f*cking slow U___u But the pieces are falling together now, I had a few ideas !
@Kanemehime : I'm trying to make it so ;) Thanks !
A bit rude is better than being hypocritical. As I said before, this comic's pratice-oriented. I'm trying out stuffs and attempting to figure out how to narrate a story. If I were to be upset at the first constructive criticism I get... Well, I would deserve to be "bullied" !
I really like the way Atticus "trains" Dragonthing, it's kinda like :

"Eh, you're not stupid, you don't need me yelling random attack names to know what to do. So, do it."
@freehugz : Thanks a lot ^^
Thank's for your comment, I'm french and english is far from being my mother tongue... So don't hesitate to tell me everytime you see mistakes, I want to improve myself :)
Hi guys, this is the first page of Mostly Dead, or MD, a webcomic I'm drawing mostly for practice... I don't know where this is going, but I hope you'll like it :)

@Muse13 : Yup, that was the point ! :3
J'ai été un poil overbookée cette année, pardon pour le retard... Je vais essayer de mettre un peu plus souvent à jour qu'une fois par an ^^'
Sorry !
I've been kinda busy, I'm sorry :/ I'll try to update often, from now on !
Oomph is love <3

And this page is hilarious XD Klopf klopf !
Creepy experiment is creepy.

Awesome comic, can't wait to read more !
ONOES ! The marmalade ! D:

Luv Friday and Andy insane laughter =D
This comic is made of awesome. Nipple IS a funny word XD
Hahoy amis furries... Voici enfin ma BD Grippe Aviaire traduite dans ma bien aimee langue natale :D Huhu. Bref. Enjoy et tout.
Blah blah blah
Hi guys :D So this is the first issue of my story, Bird Flu. I've been talking about it for months and yet I never had the courage to do it. So well... Here it is. I hope you'll like it !