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Oh . well...what to say , what to say....well , I don't always like to show my real name so you can only call me by my nicknames that are: vash(the stampede) chiaki, kukiko, chi , hmmm I guess that's all. And...I-I love manga and anime~yes, yes I do and... I hope you will like my webcomics~
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    Lucaciu Lidia
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XDDD lolll poor trees-- and hotaru! QAQ yumiii come sooonnnnn and save the day >:3
Atticus: Do you have any friends at your hometown (orhowisthatcalled) ? and what would you do if you became the best pokemon trainer ?
ahhh this is so funny XD
I always knew there will be a twist with love matters in this story *shot*
ahaha =7= this is actually the first time I notice how tall he is uvu
again such a nice page =7=
I wonderrrr what happened....
whoahh~~ <33
this looks so pro and nice =3=/
just how much I love your comic and art styyyle ; v ; though I think I said this at least 12358927 times until now LOL
QvQ I am so happy the comic is updated~~
I just cant get enough of hotaru's funny expressions XD
I kind of understand your situation
QvQ I lost in my life a really dear cat and the best friend (dog) QAQ together with another dog that died of old age OTL
I hope tough yours will recover !
Besides that, in the 3rd panel something tells me that she's not yumi O7O
funny thing that
just now, before to read this page a bee entered my house orz and I got back to the laptop after it leaved I hate bees QAQ
but now I can read the comic page in peace u v u ;;
I hope. Because lately there are a lot of bees around QAQ
*Q* aaaahahahahaha
omg omg omg
kyaaa >7<~~ *wants them to go out*
the thumbail is my favourite xD haha
=7= ahh there is something I really like about this page-the lines *u* I am feeling I am watching a anime just black and white xD
THE infamous demon tatsuki /shotforrandomness
im dying here xDD
lol this reminds me
In my language romanian "mort" means dead XDD
*Q* oh my
pretty boy
OAO .....a...a...ah....
the dunk part is wow
I mean and wow wow wowwwww >w<
I can't find the right words but...this is amazing!!
ohohoho I see so even if he looks scary they can't resist him ~~XD
the pic is really cool >v<!!
Oh oh let me guess
This is the gang? *U*
*U* oh myy
this is so good~~
I really like how the hair and eyes are made
and the chibis are so cute ~
Now I really wonder just how he ended up in being a delinquent OAO
ohh I am so happy to see new pages of Hotarugari~~
Maybe you already know but I am an artist too tehe >w</ and I must say that I really want to see the drawing process of hotarugari *v*
Also, I wanted to ask you this: do you speak japanese?ouo just wondering
PFF hahah hotaru!! XD
this is really funny and I totally must say something about the art I really like how it's done *A* you improved, sal!
It's kind of late but welcome back >v<!