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i like animals
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How old is George? just out of curiousity. grea comic btw i've been a fan since the start of it a few years ago
Wow you are a really good artist i wish i was half as good as you are
i do like the fan art i think its loverly but i was abit disapointed that it wasnt more of the comic AND I DONT WANT THIS TO END :c
lol i love this comic and i love you for making it i dont get y you hate it so much i love it ^-^
yeah i draw better but my scanner wont work
wat the moo thats well... different
i wanna just hug hades
January 26th, 2010
nice i like this
January 25th, 2010
ooooo so close to total train wreck thats happend to me with the girl i like o many ocation
well like i said her hair must stay retarded till the end of the prolauge we got a while so bear with me
i cant wait for it to get serious or it to be anther comic i love this
this was the funnist mission ever i died so i could re-do it
yes like i said she has retarded her remember read right-to-left like japanesse manga
i know her hair is retarded but she will have a make over soon pluss weekends arnt gonna have as many comics up rather than week day because of life any way more coming soon
read it lol
cover woot
cover woot
kk i needed to find out but why didnt he do that he could of
January 21st, 2010
o no wat bout liam
January 20th, 2010
heres anna plz i cant get others up so i cant work it arrgh