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Whoaaaa it didn't take me three months to update with this oneeee (that's because this is back to 2D coloring lol)
Hey guys, I have some free time yay! :>

@kurozaki: LOL I didn't think it encompassed shouen-ai categories but I guess so! (There are a butt ton of these kind of stories)

@number1animemangaluver: Ahaha IKR? And oh...I see...<3 LOLJKJKJK

@NVNA: Hehee hooray! And hahaa it's all good, we have our preferences > v <;

@Aura-Alora: ; ;? The strip is bad I know OTLOTL
@Botan: * v * Thank you! I-is it sad that because of this page, I actually want to make a shoujo manga lol. (Hoohaa the croc makes his reappearance!) And haha yes it does say "feeling loved" :>

@Yaqirah: A...hairbrush? lololol

@Aura-Alora: Srsly :I I think many people can actually pull it off :>
Sorry lol, I suck at manga making hurpderp.

Btw, changed the cover of this webcomic :>
Check it out yo. (it took me 5 mins *shot*)
It sounds like an interesting story :'>
Absolutely gorgeous! * 0 *
I adore the color palette you used~!
@NVNA: Hahah yep! That's where I got it from lololol :'>

@Mikseky: Hehe thank you :'>
LOL I love your commentary = 7 = <3
Goodness. I haven't updated in forever. I'm sorry guys ;____;
Gorgeous artwork~ <3333
Yumyum I like the coloring very much * q *
@Sai-Reba: Baww thank you! Q v Q And yes, Pax is a little dummie OTL

@Hana-Cake: FFFF I hear about that one a LOT thank you for the suggestion :>

@Cross27: LOLOL I'm glad I'm helping then ^ Q ^ pffft thank you :'>

@Watermage: Thank youuuu Q v Q <33

@Keanna: Gahh sorry it took so long for me to update! But thank you so much for reading! :'>
OTL yeah I know, I never uploaded anything special for Pax and Pez's birthday. *sobsob* I'm terrible with promises T_____T </ 3

O-on the bright side, I've been doing some more "research" *coughreadingcough* on shoujo manga and found a handful of ideas for some upcoming comics :'>
@Hyli_Tuben_Mechanic: Loololol Pax would be happy to hear so P;

@Watermage: FFFF thank you and haha that's an idea :>

@NVNA: LOL *shot* Hmm I thinking of doing a compilation of drawings now...and perhaps fan-servicefdksgkdjg

@Botan: Ahaha thank you~! <333 And haha I like a lot of those ideas! I think I may just have a big compilation of doodles of them (hurrhurr lazy way out *shotshot*)

@Loverofpiggies: Lololol thank you~! :'>

@Tunaoats: OTL I know, I know I suck at updating T______T </ 3
I'm lame.
I tampered with the style and colors LOL *bricked*
Ungdsjkg sorry for irregular updates...[insert reasonable excuse here] T u T

---------extra extra!----------
GUESS WHAT GUYS?! It's going to be The Secrets of Shoujo Mangas' 1 year anniversary in four days! * 0 * I have an urge to do something special! Any suggestions? :')
@Cross27: LOL yeahh lots of reading on this one OTL and pffft different hairstyle time ;>

@Botan: Ahaha! Thank you~! Ungdjks you're absolutely right! There's a lot of different scenarios with this cliffs lolol

@AikiiYukii: Ohoho he'll be okay > v < b *bricked*

@Hyli_Tuben_Mechanic: Ehh really? I've seen it happen in a poop ton but I can only recall Kodocha and Chocolate Cosmos atm OTL OTL Bawww, Pax <3's you for the hug~!

@Ponyta: LOL~! <3333

@Kurosaki: FFF well I guess it makes sense between the students but it doesn't make sense for school regulation (to me at least idk idk) *shot*

@Silver_Bubbles: LOL <3

@Seme: FFF IKR? *bricked*
HEY GUYS! Spring semester is over! (Well it has been since last Wednesday...*bricked*) But uh...summer term for me starts on Tuesday OTL OTL *sobsobsob*

Forgive me for not updating either of my comics for freaking 3 monthsss! Gahhh! To be honest I haven't been very motivated to draw and I'm half...a-ing everything TT v TT''' So the color and drawing here is bleh. Sorry for being redundant in ideas/speech/everything. > ~ < (Also sorry they're in human form again- I started doodling them and then...haha I ended up using it to make the comic page -is lame-)

Thanks for not giving up on me guys I love youuuuu~! <3333 > A < <333333
Ungjdksl I wish I could read this *sobsobsob*
I really liked the dynamic action! Well done :'>
FFFF I'm so tempted to try to apply as a co-author *bricked*
@UnknownDream: Lololol it does, it does I kind of like those scenes sometimes *shot*

@innocence879: Algkdjs <3333

@Jazeki: Lmaooo I love you for that commentary~ <3333

@Ponyta: Hahaa indeed it is e v e )/

@Cross27: Hurrhurr- *shot* THAT IS... A FANTASTIC IDEA! I must think on it ;>

@AikiiYukii: *winkwinkwink* *shot* > v <''' <333 FFFF tell me about it ; 3 ;

@NekoKira: LOL I'm sure Newton would certainly say that he would land on his face e v e <333

@Shiako: LOLOLOL <3333

@Tunaoats: FFFF <333

@Botan: Lololol oh uuuu o v < *shot*

@NanaYuki: Lmaooo I just... couldn't think of a third panel *shot* > v <''' LOL oh you guysss~ ;>

@shadowknightpaladin: LMAO <333

@Silver_Bubbles: HEY. SHHH! *shot* <333

@angelofanime: Hurrhurr <3
I'm...SO SORRY. TT______TT
I've just been to lazy to draw fffff *shot*

Also I'm sorry if this made your eyes bleed *runs to go hide from your bricks*