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Eat them. Obviously.
I'll post eventually...::headdesk:: EVENTUALLY!
If the scandal was making something ELSE out of carrot cake I can imagine why he wouldn't want it mentioned.
There will be stick figures.
Bringing up that song gives me the chills with this page. I love it.
I really like this. : )
Half a turn is a long time to be gone. O.o I can't wait to see what he was doing that whole time.
Cronus was always one of my favorite mythological characters. I enjoy how you portrayed his madness.
July 18th, 2010
I see what you did there.
Double entedre on Underworld.
And I appreciate it. : )
I love DT's face after Atty tells him he's on his on. It's just a ' suck' face.
I finally caught up. : ) It's really good so far, keep it up!
Frame 2: The Angry Magikarp
3: Inaba [Touhou Project]
4: Chinese Moon Festival Legend
5: Haruhi
6: Japanese Moon Legend
Sorry for the bad quality...I didn't really feel like inking this one xD But thanks to the anime induced stupor I've been in, this is what you get out of my mind when I think 'bunny.'
I was super busy with finals. I'll try to update when I can. It's a little harder to at home.
Cavo thinks your a terrible person xDD
I've been letting my plot skills go pretty lax as well. Fall semester will be even worse as I'll be taking four or five english courses.
I don't wanna either...
Super awesome.
Maybe it might carve that stone in his chest into a heart. It's not quite one yet.
oh gawd
Besides, he's a clepto.
NO! He hates you all.