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Just me being me.
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You finally update more. Nice~
@ImortalLeaf: Yeah, it's a couple of pages, actually.
I'm gonna presume you have most of these pages preset, since your author comment for the past few pages were on the same day, around the same time.
Thanos, that you?
Azir's staff, Sivir's blade and Leona's sword and shield. Nice.
Why does he remind me of Erron Black from MKX? lol
@Shard: Huh, you're missing out on some good stuff. This and next year'll be good years for gaming.
I love how she asked for E3 highlights and all their have been is the Nintendo Expo highlights.
That shadow is obviously Michi though.
" I'm a swooner, I'm a swooner, I'm a swooner ".
Is probably what I would've put the title if I could without killing the SJ template. Anywhom, just got this in. Not much to say about it, really.
That doesn't sound very good.
This comic was really good from start to finish, however, I will point out that towards the end it got a bit disappointing. The final four, are really close matches, although I can understand Sonic winning in the end. I feel Rogue should have been in the final two, seeing her strength is immensely greater than the other competition, especially after absorbing so many people's powers. Ghost Rider had been overpowered, in his own right, as well.
Huh, didn't realize. Must've been using it on your mother and forgot I had it there. So nice of you to get Shannon to get it for me~.
What's that sound I hear? Was that a whip? Or maybe that was Trojan's leash? I can never tell the difference~.
>>>Talks about someone else having grammar problems
>>>>Switches up the most common mistake in grammar of " your " and " you are ".

Anyone else smell the hypocrisy in the air~?
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