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23, been using this site since 13.
Considered deleting my embarrassing teenage comics but figured it was worth keeping them up cause some younger readers still liked them and now it's possible to compare it to my new work and see how far I've come!

Official holder of a BA Hons Cartoon and Comic Arts degree, and self-published comic artist.
My works are published with Saki Comics ( and I have an online store which includes physical comics and merchandise (
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Sorry about the no updates but my life is now somewhat stable (kinda) while I’ve been taking my time working on my art skills and writing the next part, but guess what?

I got into Comic Village for MCM London this October!!

Kind of a big deal for me, since I haven’t been accepted since ReedPop took over and changed the application process almost two years ago 😅

So that means I’ve got a month to get Sanguis Draconis ready for print! Which it will be, honest.

I’ve sent off for some new merchandise and am building up a stock of pages which will be uploaded gradually. If you can’t wait, then make sure you pick up a physical copy of chapter one at the end of October! Either at MCM or through my store.

I’ll link a map soon but right now all I know is I’ll be at table CV172~
There's a whole bunch I don't really like here, but it's become a case of "perfect is the enemy of done" so let's just get it out. XD;;

Burn out is real bad. -_-
The last few months have been really bad physically, mentally and financially, so I've had to use what little energy I had to focus on paid work and put this on the backburner. Not out of the woods yet, February has always been the worst month for my mental health, but hanging on. Doesn't help that 1/3 of my job's workforce will be on holiday this month so I'll have a lot to cover.... but um... more pay I guess??
@Flamaria: Hi, um... This comic has been inactive for 7 years now so you might not get a response from the Admin or other artists.
(Btw I don't think a first year would be able to be an animagus. It takes a while to learn, and if they're only starting Hogwarts, I don't see how they could've done it already.)
I lost a fan after posting this XD;;;
I know it's a cheesy moment but surely it's not THAT bad??
I invested in a drawing tablet with a monitor :3 Switched to using it halfway through this page. The resolution and sensitivity is so different!!

Even with that, I couldn't get Zephyr's smile in the last panel to look right... Hmm. Might have to go back to this one when I prepare for print.
@IronDog: Close, it's a lamp shaped like one! :)
Been getting ready for the upcoming Pride festival here and practicing with my watercolours <3

Extra images and full caption over here: ce-with-watercolour
Was hoping to spend the solstice drawing this but I was working for 13 hours so I had to do it the day after and then finish it this morning so…. it’s a smidge late ^^;;;

Hope y’all had a happy Midsummer anyways~
I'm not dead!
...I just kinda wish I was.

I hate this page... Had a lot of extra shifts at my two part time jobs, a break up, a convention where I sold basically nothing, no time to draw for ages and then when I did I just could NOT get the hang of the armour. This is the first page with guards and I already hate drawing them!
Hopefully I can redraw the whole page later before print, but for now I'm going to try to get the story moving!
My pretty Prince is finally here~
Sorry for the late update. There was a death in the family and things got very busy here. :(
Had to put this on the back burner to deal with my other two jobs for a bit so this is way later than planned.... Hopefully I'll be able to pick up the pace from the next page!!

(Fun fact: Dragon's Blood is a real plant with many medical and magical uses, just like the ones described!)
This very short (crappy) comic is Altin’s first appearance before I started writing Sanguis Draconis. It was for a contest a couple of years ago but ended up super rushed so the quality isn't very good.

He’s developed a lot as a character since then!
Is it just me or whenever someone says they want to "experience" something before it's too late it's almost always the same something...? O.o
@frog girl: I will when I can but I'm having a lot of trouble at the moment ^^; It's not inspiration that's the issue exactly... Mostly time (I'm about to start university, so I'm pretty busy) and the urge to work on something different, since I wrote this story 3 years ago...

(By the way, it's not safe to give out your email address in a place where anyone can see it. SJ has the PM system for communicating with other users. ^^; )
The comic lives~ :D
Now I want to do the next page straight away, but I just remembered I have media homework to do =3= (that just happens to be on Harry Potter XD).

This page looks better than the previous one, though including a panel of her mid-cartwheel might make it easier to understand and possibly some action lines to show there's a lot of movement, if you don't mind me saying so. ^w^;;
I just noticed something... O.o
Have you ever played The World Ends With you?
It may just be the 5 hours I spent animating a TWEWY video today talking here, but I can see a lot of similarities between Neku (the main character) and Atticus XD and a lot between George and Shiki too - right down to the dragging him around getting him to enjoy life part.
Hell, Shiki even looks like an older (though much girlier) version of George... o.o
@SilverHyena: Oh good, I was worried bits of it weren't clear. >w<; I showed it to a couple of people and they couldn't tell panel 3 was the trolley wheel...
This page probably doesn't make any sense but for some reason I love the idea of Kai whizzing round in circles and going through the barrier backwards! XD

He also as my habit of singing when lonely... regardless of who's around. ^w^;; (The song is The WORLD by Nightmare, AKA the first Death Note opening. Kai's design was originally inspired by the lead singer. >w<)

I can't decide whether he should land gracefully or flat on his face, so I'll leave that up to whoever wants to do the next page! ;P

EDIT: btw, the first panel is traced from a photo of King's Cross station. =w=;;
Hi~! >w<;;
I think my writing's legible, but let me know if you have any trouble reading it. ^w^;;

Since Rowling's not said whether merpeople can live on land or not, I'm going to assume they can for this and they only have a tail when they touch water. She also only mentioned 3 types of merpeople, though said they live worldwide, so anything I say about ningyo specifically (besides the name) is probably made up by me. ^^;

Kai's parents are Japanese purely because I couldn't be bothered to change his name from my own comic. XD

EDIT: I forgot to add, his wand is willow, 11 inches, unicorn hair. ><;