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January 16th, 2012
At least this comic's end has a reference to wats taking over my life atm. Really going to miss it, though ;__;
Look at all the comments you just got </3
Please don't end this comic just like that. I understand if you just dont have time, but because you haven't been getting any comments is sorta stupid. You have tons of fans who love this comic. Just cuz we don't comment doesnt mean we don't love it! This is one of the first comics I fell in love with when i started on SJ, and I still do love it. This probably wont change your mind, but I hope it at least makes you reconsider?
So desu. lol
well shit
October 12th, 2011
All I have to say is:

Third panel. Amg. -dies-
Now I need to wake my friends up with that face CB

pffffft, poor boys.

OMGEEBUS!!! YOU'RE BACK! -squeeeeee-
those things are so fucking annoying D:<
N's face in the first panel is so cute!

Can I hug him ;U;
is that a Yaranaika face I see?
June 17th, 2011
is...that an egg?
so pretty!!!
and I thought she was wearing a chicken suit in panel 1 lol.....
(i actually thought that she was a chicken on the first panel....
Panty Shot
Seriously Tommy. Stop looking up her skirt >:T
Eden used Hug attack! It was super effective!
pfffffft. Poor Grimmy.
pffffft. Oh Hiddy, so wonderfully blunt
Eden, stop being a naughty boy!
I love Tommy's logic XD
Old spice reference ftw XD
December 31st, 2010
I literally emitted a fangirl squee when i saw this page!
oh lord I want to slap that guy so badly >___<