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Evil Agram
Well, this would appear to be a relatively permanent account.
This is the largest list of pixel tutorials on the net. Use it wisely.

If you want to contact me, you'd do much better to use AIM or MSN than PM. I'm open for a talk with anyone.
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Evil Agram
November 29th, 2009

And really, where are you stealing these backgrounds from? I need to know.
Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.
Semantics much?
Joke dull. I even eased up this time when reading to make sure it wasn't just me being predisposed to expect that the comic is bad.

Not much to say. Same dull art, same dull strip.

Hell, xkcd is a comic I haven't expected anything good from in a long time and they got a funny comic out the other day. The xkcdsucks blog even agreed with me.

I think you need a better idea than stuffing something sorta punchline-like in at the end of every strip.

EDIT: Oh. He has a background. I didn't notice, sorry. Now he's not just a barmai- tender, but a generic "guy strapped for cash".

@Sadpanda: Shoo!
Heresy? "Heresy is proposing some unorthodox change to an established system of belief, especially a religion, that conflicts with the previously established opinion of scholars of that belief such as canon."

Well, as they say, Blasphemy is a victimless crime.
@Zman: What. I never said I was a hacking "genius". I rarely hack except in code projects or ban evasion. The rest is true, I can evade any ban.

Honestly I think Dregan has decided to ignore me. Poor move. Don't ignore your detractors. I sure as hell don't.

@G.I.U.L.I.O: Proper critique ettiquitte? I'm not flaming, I'm not trolling. I'm commenting directly on the work, not addressing anyone other than the author. It's you people who take issue with it.

Gee, why is it that the people on the forums can take my critique in stride, but all the editors freak out? What's with you people?
It's not just displaying skill, it's about seeking improvement for the base ideal of improving at all.

Critique is a necessary facet of art, and life, and I cannot agree with anyone who wishes to ignore it for any reason.

The only way in which I can possibly agree with your point and analogy of casual gamers are in the context of people who create art or who play games purely for the mental and emotional state it provides. The ideal of playing simply for the sake of playing. However this falls short in of his posting the comic to the net, and reveling in having 200 fans.

I'd love to go after the comic mentioned, but I work solo. If I wanted to seriously touch a comic like that then I'd have to either call in backup, or pull the same deal that the xkcdsucks blog did (Great blog by the way) and build up a counter-fanbase.

Seriously, this crap is like twilight. No matter how bad it is, you'll never get a fan to admit it, and all critique is brushed off by people too blind to see their hand in front of their face if it would mean covering up their idol.
How rude. Of course I do. Just because I can type fast and put effort into compelling arguments doesn't mean I don't have a life and friends.

You can't make assumptions about those types of things from such a limited input. Basic rule of debate, don't go for attacks to the person.
Evil Agram
November 28th, 2009
First, the banner is FRICKIN' HEUG. And this is coming from someone with a 1600x1200 monitor. The combination of sprites and drawn art is just painful. It was painful from start until right now. The whole thing makes it rather obvious that you don't really know how to use photoshop, nor that you're a very competent artist. It would be acceptable if you drew out the backgrounds and had the characters pixelated, perhaps vice versa, but intermittently switching between the two on a random basis as you seem to be doing is not conductive to making a good comic. Using drawn eyes ON pixelated characters is a recipe for disaster. The resolutions completely clash. You appear to have the skill to make it an entirely drawn comic, but for some reason are still switching between edits and drawings for no good reason.

Your use of photoshop effects does not blend well with the pixel art either. In general you should stick to either pixel or higher resolution art, and not let the two blend. Don't blur the sprites or apply some ridiculous wind effect to them. It doesn't look pretty. Playing with hues and the color balance is acceptable, but you should really stick to the same resolution with things.

I see some really incredibly detailed and well made pixel backgrounds in there, so I'm now forced to ask you where you stole them from, because it's pretty clear from the rest of the comic that you didn't make them. That and seriously, I want to know where you stole them from, I want to see more of these backgrounds and landscapes. They're really good.

Sticking sonic type heads on megaman type bodies is yet another poor decision, as with the giant tails edit running around. The clothes don't fit on the body very well. And the palette is frankly rather poor except on the parts retained from the original tails sprite. Good rule of color is to NEVER GO DIRECTLY FROM LIGHT TO DARK, ESPECIALLY ON A GRADIENT. Color theory is a bit complex beyond the simple rules of complementary colors, I'm going to have to leave you to get a feel for it yourself.

The special effects, fire in particular, are poorly executed. There's a specific value curve that applies to fire and other glowing objects. The idea is a white center, or one of the glow color, then a quick dropoff into another color that more or less smoothly gradients into the background. Without contrast, there is no glow, so it's a good idea sometimes to slightly darken the rest of the image to play up the contrast between the fire and everything else. It mimics the effect our eyes naturally create when we view a bright object. This is a study I did of such things a long time ago. The whole thing was drawn in photoshop from scratch using brushes, no smudging or filters.

I can't comment on the plot too much, as I've only really skimmed the comic. I'll do a full archive binge when I have time. The layout doesn't make archive binges very easy, especially with the gigantic logo at the top.
It's more of a plot comic, which is honestly what I was citing it as. I was citing it as a sprite comic done right artistically, and plotwise. There are so few on the internet these days. Only 3 last I checked. If we're going to rate things on a basis of how much you laugh, when reading this comic, I was silent the entire time.

Some sprite artists? Sprites are the only field where people can get away with NOT coming up with work from scratch.

Because the sprites in the comic are not custom, it means the comic is bad artistically. The scripts are a retread of a dozen and seven existing jokes, so it doesn't win there either.

What is up with that analogy about critiquing a child's fingerpainting? Are you implying that everyone here is a child and I should avoid being too harsh on them because you'll cry? Sure as hell looks that way seeing how you're crying right now. Obviously I wouldn't be harsh on a child's fingerpainting because he's a child and can't be expected to do any better, and he'd be hurt by harsh criticism. You're teenagers at bare minimum, you aren't children. That excuse doesn't apply to you.

Deviantart is not a serious art community. ConceptArt and CGhub are.

If he has no control over the content of the cameos, then why doesn't he ask the people contributing to shape up?

If the human was yours, perhaps you could try getting a skintone on it that matches actual flesh, and move away from the sonic edits.

Vas I've ignored until now because I know the current sprite is custom. It has faults, but they're not nearly as pressing as the other elements of the comic.

{MUTE}, I am going to read. From the little I've seen, it looks like YET ANOTHER dumb sonic edit comic, with poor art thrown in with the poor edits as a complement. Naturally when I'm done, I'll take to critiquing it as well in the appropriate comment box.
@SliceOfDog: Citing three things you dislike that everyone else loves does not a good example make. You're citing an exception, not a rule.

Also, most of the phenomena you're talking about are fandom phenomena, where you're talking to the fans. I'm not trying to talk to the fans here, I'm attempting to address the creator, and this is the most direct way.

I'm not being insulting. I am saying things clearly without personal attacks. I am critiquing the same way I have been critiqued, the same way I ask to be critiqued, the same way people critique me within serious art communities.
I didn't just say effort, because hard work won't get you anywhere if you're headed in the wrong direction. I've known a lot of people who draw way more (I'd say ten times more as a ballpark estimate) than I do, yet have progressed absolutely nowhere. However I can't just say skill, because some people haven't worked at it for as long as others have, and may be newbies, so effort has to compensate in those cases. This is neither. He's not trying, nor showing skill. I did not just say effort, so stop misquoting me.

Missing the point of sprite comics? I LOVE SPRITE COMICS, BUT MOST OF THEM SUCK. I present this as evidence of a sprite comic done right. All the art belongs to the guy making it (no edits at all), and he's doing a damned good job all the way through. Not that I said that sprite EDIT comics are naturally horrible, NOT SPRITE COMICS. Please stop mis-quoting me.

So really, if he's left at the whim of other artists, then perhaps you should give me a link to all these contributing artists so I can hound them too.
Yeah, but aren't flamewars how problems are solved? If nobody stands up for what they believe in, then what kind of world do we have?

It's not an opinion. Bad isn't a subjective quality that changes from person to person, otherwise certain things wouldn't be universally acclaimed.

It's hard to objectively say good or bad on most things due to subjectivity and personal taste, so I break it down to the amount of effort put in, and the amount of skill demonstrated.

It's the same art every comic due to sprite edits, so that's naturally horrible. I'd just be repeating myself ad infinitum if I critiqued that every day. I mentioned the "human" when he came up.

So all I'm left with are the jokes, which the fun fact in this issue admits are last second.
Yeah, I have the choice, I've had the choice, and here I am.

Who else could I possibly be referring to when I say, "We"? I didn't bring any backup with me, I never do.
That's not what he said. He's saying that because something is bad doesn't mean you should ignore it.

It's bullshit to tell people to stop reading something if they dislike it.

We don't care if someone stops reading something that they dislike. We're annoyed at you telling us to stop reading since we dislike it.
Yeh, I didn't like that analogy so much either, which is why I followed it up with a more accurate analogy. I was originally going to leave it with overpriced diamonds, but I thought it lacked the same reasoning as its currently written. I certainly wasn't trying to draw an extreme analogy, only draw an analogy of a parallel situation. Sorry about that.

I dislike things that are of low quality, not some random question of my tastes in genre, humor, or otherwise. My dislike of things isn't the issue at all. The issue is him doing things poorly in the first place. I can tolerate things that aren't my cup of tea and say they did a good job, putting aside my personal tastes. This isn't doing a good job.

My opinions are things I keep out of my critique except when mentioning, "oh this isn't my favorite genre, but I've put that aside, you did a nice job." I dislike real time strategy games, but I don't say they're bad because of that. I say they're bad when they're poorly designed.

I'll stop "whining" when the quality of the comic improves, and when artistic critique stops being necessary for improvement. I'm wasn't talking about the people who stop reading a comic because they don't like it being pessimists, I'm talking about the people who tell others to just ignore bad things. They're the pessimists. Not even pessimists, that's outright cynicism (where did you pick the word pessimism up from? That doesn't really have much to do with what I said).

I'm sick of bad comics. I want it to change. I'm not stopping.

I'll point out flaws where they crop up, because frankly you should be big enough people to take it, improve yourselves and move on.

Also, the fun fact REALLY does explain why the comic is so dull. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
Congrats on custom.

Pity you didn't move away from sonic crap, but it's forgivable in this particular instance.

The shading could use to be a bit more directional. I think you have a good idea with the hair, and the separation of it, you just need to make it conform more to the light source.

Pants are pretty nice, but like the hair could use to follow the light a bit more.

The pixels used around the hands you could probably do without unless you could refine it a bit more.
I'm not typing that, and I'm not a troll. I'm a critic. The two are not mutually inclusive.

One person out of hundreds is still a person. Of course his word shouldn't weigh over everyone else's but his word should still weigh in. Everyone's word must be taken for what it is and evaluated.

Even the worst critics ought to be listened to. Everyone should.

I'm an artist too, I've been through all the same stuff. Try criticizing my work here: I'd love it. I'd openly welcome it.

I'm not trolling here. I'm providing a service which artists must accept or even request on a simple principle of being an artist at all, and I'm not claiming to be any exception to this rule.
Reply from last page
"As previously stated, don't like the comic? Then don't read it. Jeez, is it really too much too ask for? If you continue like this, then sir, I (and assuredly others as well) will safely assume that you, Evil Agram, are a good-for-nothing troll."

So if there is something which I don't like, I should lie down and take it? So if I'm opposed to overpriced diamond prices and african slave labor, I should just sit back and not criticize? If I dislike the trend of the industry to move towards low artistic standards and unfunny jokes, I should just shut up and step down?

Gee, what a negative outlook, that we should all just accept that the world is bad and not try to do anything.

I'll follow up with a comment on this comic in a sec.

EDIT: Today's joke is a retread of the joke from two comics ago. Didn't laugh then, not laughing now.

Also, what's up with that weird look Vas had in the 4th panel?
"As previously stated, don't like the comic? Then don't read it. Jeez, is it really too much too ask for? If you continue like this, then sir, I (and assuredly others as well) will safely assume that you, Evil Agram, are a good-for-nothing troll."

So if there is something which I don't like, I should lie down and take it? So if I'm opposed to overpriced diamond prices and african slave labor, I should just sit back and not criticize? If I dislike the trend of the industry to move towards low artistic standards and unfunny jokes, I should just shut up and step down?

Gee, what a negative outlook, that we should all just accept that the world is bad and not try to do anything.