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I am the blade in the darkness none of you will see me when i strike!

i really like napalmman from megaman ^_^ hes my fave
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Can you change him back?
you shouldnt have alochol in your comics kid read this
guys stop attacking me
why is there transformer there
Im a fan you guys should listen to my suggestions
@DarkScarz: im only giving you hints on how to be good
Whats he saying in the end? can you please keep it english please :)
@kwane: Dont be mean :)
i dont get it whats this comic about
who's leonard nimoy
Can you please not swear so much?
Im making a megaman comic about napalman

plz like it
wow theres another one? O_O
@DarkScarz: dont be rude to him :)
i dont get it o_O
man how are you so good O_O