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The comics wouldn't be funny, Ultimate, my friend, if we didn't focus on the noob aspect of our community.
The original comic is gone. D:
That is pretty epic. Congratulations on being epic, Martin. Did you know you are epic? You are epic.
Sure, Kuragi. Send me the sprites you want to cameo and I'll be sure to add 'em in.
You're both somewhat right. It was vector-art, but then I purposefully pixelized it to look like a sprite from a cutscene or something along those lines. So, it's vector art that's been pixelated. But it is not pixel art.
Great comic you got here. Read through the archive (which I rarely do with webcomics these days, I usually just skim through them or neglect to read them at all). I was just wondering a few things though. Two questions, one might lead to spoilers, so you don't have to answer that -- and the other is in relation to what's being talked about in the comments area.

First of all, is this comic going to just follow the cataclysm theory, with Zero killing off all the classic characters? This is your comic, not mine. So I can't tell you how to do things and that's fine if you are doing that, but I would just like to confirm this information. Me, personally, I feel that it is overdone and it isn't backed up by any official Mega Man media whatsoever, merely fanon. And Keiji Inafune has denied it. Again, I'm not saying you shouldn't do it. Just thought I'd offer my two cents. So, far, it doesn't look like the comic is going in that direction.

Second question, what version of time travel are you actually using? Because, in reality, time travel has yet to exist, the rules of time travel are debatable. Wily mentions paradoxes, but I agree more with EskimoOfTheNight's explanation of time travel which is similar to that of the multiverse theory. In which, as soon as an individual travels through time, they have created a split in the timeline into another universe, and thus anything they do does not have any consequences at all to the original universe. But, I can understand why Dr. Wily wouldn't want to take the risk, just in case it turns out to be wrong. He has no way of knowing.

I apologize if I come off as rude, just wanted to express my opinion. This kind of thing is fun to talk about... but, I guess that second question was more directed at the people in the comments area rather then the author...

Again, great comic! Follow'd!
900 fans, huh? Really? No kidding? I wasn't really keeping track, but wow, that's pretty amazing. That's, like, 727 more fans than my most popular comic has. XD
Fixed it. It wasn't a typo, it was technically more of an error in the wording and/or terminology. But, thank you for correcting me, none-the-less. :)
I don't see it... Point it out to me.
Pretty good. I like it.
I usually lose interest very quickly in "online manga", but this is pretty good. I'll keep an eye on this comic. :)
@Cory -- Yes. Those comics are easier to do. But don't expect them EXTREMELY soon, but do expect them. :)
February 11th, 2011
Pretty nice comic. Looking forward to more updates.
@youdont12know -- Go right ahead. I don't mind. :)
I don't update for a month and you people think my comic is dead? Oh, tsk, tsk. My comic can never die!
This comic is getting more and more awesome... though I'm kind of jealous that you got the crossover organized and what-not. I wouldn't mind a crossover with Quite Different. You lucky, Zman. You very lucky. XD
How did you all know? XD
Yeah, that movie was pretty awesome.
Hey, Shadow The Unborn -- how've you been?
I haven't seen you around in ages. What happened to ya? Great to see you again.
Wow, I didn't notice that back when I made this comic back in March 16th, 2008. Curse my past self for being oblivious!