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Very grumpy.

Favorite anime: Dragon Ball, When they cry series, Soul Eater,Naruto, One Piece, Slayers and Jigoku sensei Nube.

I think my favorite artist ever is Akira Toriyama.
I also admire Eiichiro Oda, Koji Inada and Yun Kouga.

I'm a Playstation lover. My favorite games are mostly RPG's and Shoot em ups.

Came back from the dead.
Just two clowns running away from a monster-hunter preacher.
@Bob: Common sense! Even demons know.
Time to wrap this up and confess or make up an excuse.
@Bob: Just the one rose, a cat, a candy apple, some hats and panties (?)
@evilnidhogg: Equivalent Exchange.
@Bob: Big loss for the circus!
@evilnidhogg: That sums it up.
It's finally over and now she's famous!
She did it! She killed the lion! Wait, no.
@Bob: hahahaha!! oh dear!
She's got this! Uh... kinda.
@Bob: I'm so proud of her.
@Bob: *a demon is summoned*
It's working! You're doing great sweetie.
A spell. Incantation? idk what you call it but here's hoping she doesn't make it worse.
@Bob: Easy peasy!
@Bob: oh, no! She didnt plan this very well.
@evilnidhogg: hahaha truly the worst. Not helpful at all.
About time she's set on doing something!
Here's Leonidas!

It's getting tougher for me to update on Fridays or weekends bc I go to school on Saturdays and thursday and friday I'm doing homework and school stuff. I'll see what I can do.