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Very grumpy.

Favorite anime: Dragon Ball, When they cry series, Soul Eater,Naruto, One Piece, Slayers and Jigoku sensei Nube.

I think my favorite artist ever is Akira Toriyama.
I also admire Eiichiro Oda, Koji Inada and Yun Kouga.

I'm a Playstation lover. My favorite games are mostly RPG's and Shoot em ups.

Came back from the dead.
So she's not telling. Or she doesn't know anything lol
October 14th, 2018
Page turned out nice. Don't be too harsh c:
Welp, now there's zombies.
Is that a threat? Mr. Skelly seems very nervous.
Sorry about the textless page :,D
Turns out Gaddiel is even faster than Jesse. Parlay?
@Kattra: That wouldn't be a bad idea...
The peace didn't last long.
HE.IS.BACK!!! And he's got power ups and stuff.
Last time, Jesse and James were just lucky. Could they beat him as they are now?

Have a nice weekend. Thanks for your support, as always <3
What's up, Mr. Skelly?
What is that? Well, I guess cactus man here has everything planned out.
The full chapter will be released this week on the Patreon!
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: Thank you so much!
Blend in perfectly.
Well, they did say they were going to catch up. What are they planning now?
It's...!! We don't know who this is. But he seems pretty interested in certain person.
@Profanity00: It has sentimental value (?)
@Profanity00: THANK YOU!
@Profanity00: You see, you are not crazy! c:
@Profanity00: Yes. It is a re-do of the Prologue chapter. You're not crazy c: