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Very grumpy.

Favorite anime: Dragon Ball, When they cry series, Soul Eater,Naruto, One Piece, Slayers and Jigoku sensei Nube.

I think my favorite artist ever is Akira Toriyama.
I also admire Eiichiro Oda, Koji Inada and Yun Kouga.

I'm a Playstation lover. My favorite games are mostly RPG's and Shoot em ups.

Came back from the dead.
She did her best.
And Dusty is out of order now.
The fight is nearing its end.
Someone is getting tired of this game.
Aja's going to get play of the game.
Many of you already knew. She's the one controlling Dusty and friends.
So much hate.
Bunny kills!
Better keep quiet, Gaddiel.
Here comes the big bad wolf!
Oof! I don't think Dusty the Bear will be putting on any more shows.
M e n a c i n g
Back to the 2nd night (?)
It seems the body can only resist 96 jelly beans.
Hope you had an awesome break, happy xmas, new year, santos reyes, and whatever it is you celebrate.
We now continue with the regular schedule.
@BananaUhl: because it's a shameless reference :,D
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Game over!
Double update today to wrap up this chapter!
Holidays are just around the corner, so expect an anouncement soon.
That bear doesn't say nice things.