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Very grumpy.

Favorite anime: Dragon Ball, When they cry series, Soul Eater,Naruto, One Piece, Slayers and Jigoku sensei Nube.

I think my favorite artist ever is Akira Toriyama.
I also admire Eiichiro Oda, Koji Inada and Yun Kouga.

I'm a Playstation lover. My favorite games are mostly RPG's and Shoot em ups.

Came back from the dead.
Dipshit lol
She actually did it. She messaged him!
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I can't believe I read the whole thing in one sitting. Worth it.
This marks the end of this chapter. It's a double update so please be sure to check out the previous page. Aight, have a nice weekend! And thanks so much for reading!
It's time to STOP.
Catch this!
Ready to keep fighting.
@Bob: *spits drink* HAHAHAHAHAHA
Most characters in the crowd are cameos from some friend's webcomics.
Now he's pissed.
I'm afraid to ask. But you already know who is inside the bear costume, right?
For the big one he's got light feet.
Hope you enjoyed the little prank for April fools.
I had to take my dog to the vet and forgot to schedule the page. Sorry if it's a bit late.
AdiĆ³s, Gaddiel
Get over here!
Gaddiel messed up Teddy's face! He's gonna pay!
How did he get so high up?
Teddy Bear smash!
I had a ton of homework and I just finished and totally forgot to update. I am sorry.
Anyway, the next page will be up soon too.
(The children and their father are a cameo from a friend's webcomic called Osean V