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I love manga and anime
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    chan xin qian
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I love Riona because i use to be like her.I'm very quiet and i hardly ever talk.It's hard for me to make friends since i don't know how to.My story is different from Riona but it's a bit same(in a way).It's like god(which is you for White Noise xD) made an event for us to meet out our friends.And by that,Riona and I start to have fun with friends,making memories together and i am able to meet my best friend x3 <3 (sorry it's long D:)((it's true </3)
o.o -stares at trashcan-
u rape your one true love 1st thn start a relationship??? o.o;;
for some odd reasons,I want those posters o.o and love the last panel <3
Love how u draw,love ur story,love this page!!!! <3
D: -helps Light- he eats lots of sweets :3
Tat is called morning erection guys >:D
caalm down Lunge D= u're hurting Herz ; _ ;
woot for Metis /o/
Damn! >.>;; whn Herz says "Leave Hirny alone you creepy face!No!No!" i wan to raape him even more >.>;; Herz~ /o/ Let me RAPE you~
o.o herz got blood in his face! -wipes blood of herz face- owo and curl up to me /o/ i'll love u
i'm getting crazy >.>;; i wanna rape crying herz o,o -slaps self-
xD i hope u'll do wat u mean shiratori x3 group hug? -glomps-
go Haru go xD
xD lol with Haru
ehem ehem bed scene soon i think xd
i'm falling for herz again~
DAVID!dun die from eating tat~ xD
lol david xD