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that was evil of him
i think that should be confenscated
So bets on who will win?
I have one thing to say of what will happen to dawn "karma"
@Fiora Aroura: hey your right but best still keep their guard up
*gets in a fighting stance* if them two try to attack the moment they get up ill take them down and i dont need to worry they must of been weaken to that of raditz in dragonball z level which in other words i could beat them blind folded and one hand behind my back
guess i was right scyther did get worn out abit from chasing him
man that scyther didnt seem to be worn out there from chasing him
run dude maybe you can get scyther tired out by running enough to make it easy to capture it
dont worry its understandable
i wonder how she lost....*pulls a anbu mask which looked like a fox with silver trimmings* hehe when someone trys to go to far to get rid of some competition the silver fox will make a entrance *pulls out a pokeball* even have a good pokemon that would help the silver fox to win
well that is interesting
*sitting down by the next table of sonic and amy* hehe good thing i set a surprise if im right blaze should come any moment and if i knew of the a.p.f.f (amy's plan failing force)it will end up as a back fired plan for amy
find out where are you at now
>land on a werehedgehog version of amy
@witswithme: its rouge what you expect
thats rouge for you
i heard of catfights but this is something else