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Working everyday. Just not update often...
Things about me, actually we, if you're interested, can be learned at our gallery meaning at deviantArt. So check out if you have time. Why "we"? Because this is a group of two kiddos, one doing the drawing - the girl, one doing the script - the boy. We pretty much into the gay things so don't be surprised when you see some (or lots, and I mean TONS) BL in our stories.
We've not uploaded all our works here, there are just some, please enjoy them for now ;D.
Oh, and we're Vietnamese. Asians (in case you don't know and plan to Google).
I'm now selling a Blue Exorcist Fanbook with jusy 6USD, so if you have time or are interested, please do check out ^^. Thanks~

/and sorry for the false alarm, the new pages are coming now, I'll at least update once this week~/
@tangyskittles: Seriously? xD~~~~~ Oh such sweet words. Let's both hope that such guys DO exist, dear, or else it's just sooo sad ; u ;
Why? Because I AM drawing the main story, but just like 5 pages, and yeah we got lots waiting ahead: scanning, PS, adding text blahblahblahbald. Sad right... But when I'm back I'll have a color cover, a proper one, for the comic. Wait for me, and SPREAD THE WORDS!!! (about this comic of course =v=+)
Really. Never mind the sound effects that you don't understand because I wrote some in Vietnamese, and won't bother to translate it anyway (my Engrish sucks).

Oh and, I'm shocked at the shooting number of followers. Wow. Almost 30?! Haha, nice gift for Valentine, thanks guy~

I'm picking up the story and continuing it with an oneshot themed Valentine. Does expecting on 14th March haha~ Thanks guys for the attention ^ ^~
Sooo the intro is ending soon. Real soon. The main story is coming (in time, but not in my mind OTL). I hope to draw it around next week... But it's been a long time since I've done the intro so the drawing style probably has changed VERY much...

I don't know. I just want to keep drawing beautiful boys...
Haha, not UFO = )). How can shoujo has UFO? A fun page to draw :"D. Enjoy~
Here's a blushing guy for you. I mean, it's like characters' role in this comic has reserved trolololol~

Anyway, I'm back after some days rest. Have fun with this page ^^/.
@jell-o-cat: Wow awesome is that PIRIOD a new language or some strange ones that I've never heard before xD~~~~ Thankie dear, you're the first to comment my story ; u ; Oh my how I appreciated that~~ *big hug*
I sucks at drawing food trollololol~
Okay nvm why the page was so sparkling and stuff : ). Enjoy the shoujo-ish face of the hotboy~
Not all the time that it feels nice when a guy asks you out LOL. Anyone has gone through the same thing? (though I guess that's pretty much a drama thingy, the asking out in public, I mean).

Nice day guys ^^.
So, maybe you've guessed it. And I bet you're right. I don't use a ruler...
Guys or girls. Cool or not. Hot or sexy. They can all be lame :P. This is what the story is about. Welcome you to a lame world with all kinds of lame love story. Not your ordinary sweet shoujo, be careful :"). I don't bite, the characters might.
The girl crew haha.

Oh and grammar mistake: "the reason if me dieting" -> "the reason of me dieting". Sorry :"/.
Just DAMN hilarious xD~~~ Look forward to it ~~
can't wait to see it :"D

i love your art and your color-style too :"D

it's bright and nice xD

*fall off the chair*
Woa, beautiful color XD~ Can't wait to see the main story X"D~
Soooo sexy my God XDDDDDD~

Can't wait for more smexy hot scenes~
Beautiful cover. In love :3.
April 29th, 2010
Your art is beautiful.

Woa I want to read moreee XD~~

Please update soon neh :3~ I look forward to your story~