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Im an award winning (bronze in the bean bag race in primary school) freelance illustrator and visual designer. I'm currently "studying" at the Yoonyversity of Central Lancashire doing a Ba Hons in illustration.
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xXCreatorXx: Thanks, I know, it's my favourite explosion on this page that.

H0lyhandgrenade: Nahhh, that's not in her nature

Jazeki: Yeah but admit it, you'd rather play that than real baseball.

ApaFox: Yes, but if in any doubt do use a fire extinguisher.

Amante-kun: Yes, and no. It's not that kind of comic you know!

k33nbl4d3:Only time will tell. And me. Yeah, I'm goin to put several rodents suffering an untimely demise in every few pages from now on, simply as a protest to the politically correct hamster hugging anti-rodent demise league. So keep an eye out!
k33nbl4d3: *sigh* If you must.

Jazeki: Yeah don't try this at home!

ApaFox: I know, the jokes get better every time eh.

k33nbl4d3: Congratulations!You win a free subscription to "The Box" webcomic (subject to availability).
Im back!
The Box has returned. Uni is over for the year and so too is the mad rush to get piles of work and pointless essays done on time. As such, I now have time to make comics, like this one, which I have.

Anyway thanks guys for being patient while I've let the updates trickle dry. I'm going to try and get back to two a week. Though I'm not promising a time since I never can stick to it.

Hope ya like the latest page!
Cheers Jakezi, thanks for bein so understanding & supportive :) And yes, you may be right about Allura... to an extent

ApaFox: You'll have to wait and see! (isn't that the most annoying phrase ever.)
Changes to terms & conditions.
Heya guys, To my regular reader/those that care, sorry about the late update. This is lame even for me, 3 days late! I do have en excuse though. I'm inundated with uni work at the moment, I have to make an animation! So sadly, I won't be able to update more than once a week if that for the next 3 weeks. On the plus side you can all see the animation when it's done! Also, at the advice of my ingenious friend H0lyhandgrenade, I've decided to move update times (like I ever stick to them) to 9pm GMT. Thanks :)
xXCreatorXx: Point to you! you noticed! It is indeed my avi guy.

Amante-kun: Yep, I'm not gonna say anything about how significant he is or isn't at this stage though.

k33nbl4d3: Erm... well I guess I know very little about fashion, but it is rather chilly outside at the moment.

ApaFox: I know, I wish I could come up with stuff like that in real life.
Amante-Kun: I know, I heard it's very comfortable too.

Pat-Man12: Yep, they did have underwear like that back then. In fact, archaeologists have discovered Hello Kitty lingerie dating to at least 700bc!

ApaFox: you understand perfectly! Nice one.

k33nbl4d3:Aye, even if it is a bit wonky in places.

Frigandier: What a marvellous attitude to life! Of course novelty underwear is crucial to to the betterment of mankind :)

Chan Is No Longer a Guest: Well the assassin has more pressing issues at hand really. Fortunately you were here to comment for him :)

And thanks for commenting guys!
H0lyhandgrenade: It is rather gross, but it has actually happened to real people throughout history, albeit with other body parts and mostly rats not mice. Still, It's funny till it actually happens to ya :)

Yexis: Thanks, glad you think so! :D

Amante-Kun: I loved that game, and the dark brotherhood missions were always the best part! Yeah it does look kinda like him I suppose, but then you haven't seen him without the hood.

emruki: They're not irrational! Have you never seen them? Plotting, always plotting! As for "cute" it's good for you you shuffled out of slapping distance. *shakes head with disapproval*

ApaFox: Wouldn't you? You can stop assassins with a creaky floorboard, like the nightingale floors in Japan. Not so with mice. Plus there's never only one mouse, they hunt in packs! Assassins work alone (mostly) cause it looks cooler on their CV.

k33nbl4d3: Obviously you have a keener sense of impending danger than Magnus. Or maybe you have a phobia of assassins rather than rodents?

orangecookies: You mean the assassin's face? You'd pull that face if you were a master assassin who'd been caught in the act too! Thanks though :)

Chan is no longer a guest: Hehe, sorry about that. Don't lose any sleep over it! :D
March 19th, 2010
Im lovin the rapping pigeon in the second frame!

"Yo, wassup bitches!"

Seriously though great work AS USUAL!
haha Yep, this is definitely a very common thing, I've noticed a lot of people will pretend (very poorly) not to have seen you until you're only a few metres away then suddenly act incredibly surprised to see you there
ApaFox: Ah, yep. That's what I was goin for.

H0lyhandgrenade: You shouldn't judge by appearances h0ly, they're probably lovely!

Chan Is No Longer a Guest: You're going to have to sort this out Chan, lot's of things in life are next to each other like that. It's only a matter of time before you go accidentally insulting people thinking they're critically obese and have several heads. :P

WalkedAway: Hey thanks a lot :D Oh christ, not the dog thing from the black cauldron... No don't worry, he doesn't sound like that, or golem.

Thanks for commenting guys
I thought it was rather good actually
BK_1/VGKid: Relllllax, all you need is an unrealistically giant newspaper. Roll it up and your ready to rumble, no colossal arachnid would dare mess with you then.

H0lyhandgrenade: Thanks H0ly :) I assume your asking about the person sat in the middle of the third frame, in which case I don't rightly know.

ApaFox: That's right, and if anyone doesn't agree they're in trouble. Know what Im saying?
March 10th, 2010
Ach, typically amazing. Those feathers must have taken you agggges
I'm getting the feeling here that the decision to kill the (FICTIONAL) mouse was perhaps a bad one...

xXCreatorXx: Relax, it's not dead, its resting.

phoenixgem: *pats on back* It's the circle of life

Thank you Jakezi! I'm pleased that you focused on the mouse's significant achievements in life rather than its untimely demise :)

BK_1/VGKid: That decision may come back to haunt you, all it needs is a bit of gamma radiation and you've got a giant man eating super spider on your hands. See, heroes can't take that risk, as its twice as likely to happen in fiction.

Amante-kun: Really? Wow, shes my least favourite character, maybe you'll hate her later on. Mind you you haven't met them all yet. Glad you like-d the mouse and yet can accept that it's death was perhaps necessary.

ApaFox: You have no mouse related issues right? I'm so relieved. Cheers man!

And now, a short message to that person who unfaved. yes, I know who you are! What did I do??? was it the mouse? It was wasn't it? It's not a reaaal mouse! As far as you know, I could have an imaginary Panda in a headlock right now and be repeatedly kneeing him in his panda balls! Im not obviously. Hmph. Well I don't care anyway, your Avatar was garish looking and you probably smell too. I've still got everyone else! I DONT NEED YOU

feel free to come back though :D

leaglem, you too are awesome! Thanks for the support :D
March 8th, 2010
Love this comic so far! It's really well written
Hey guys, sorry for not replying to comments last time, been busy. That's also why this update was LATE. *sigh* But still...

BK_1/VGKid: He's a mighty hero, he waits till the least convinient time, for there lies true bravery!

H0lyhandgrenade: Cheers H0ly

Amante-kun: You never know, they might enjoy it after a bit! Im in student accommodation at the moment, and after you get used to no sleep, strange odours and things crawling about in your peripheral vision it's not so bad!

orangecookies: As it happens it is neither my nor the inkeepers birthday. It was his birthday last week and he hasn't bothered to change his witty sign. Today's special is in fact boiled cheese with lentils since your'e interested. Also, it just so happens to by my bro's birthday today, but I don't think that's particularly special.

Jazeki: Nah you don't. Trust me, just go pizza hut instead.

Chan Is No Longer a Guest: 3 days actually. Im not sure if it is actually humanly possible. I wouldn't recommend you try it though. A woman once died trying to hold in "wee" to win a "wii" for a bizarre competition on some radio station. Ironically I think she also won.

xKraxydog: The food was not crap!! And no, Preston isn't quite that nice.
March 1st, 2010
Looks brilliant! Don't let the pressure get to ya :D Good luck!
Cheers Jakezi :D

Oh? I don't see any spelling mistakes Amante-Kun. Glad you like the "i" thing, it actually gets on my nerves a bit. It is just the font.

BK_1/VGKid: That's the point! Don't worry it was meant purely in an ironic sense.

ApaFox: Ah, well, that's the interesting thing see, this ISN'T the back story, this is the main story, the epic old guy is the back story, I didn't realise people would like him so much... bah, you wont miss him. Fear not, the main characters are designed to be epic.

Amante-Kun: I have no idea what you mean :D
Hello again guys, thanks for commenting people!
MegamanZdevil ilu too, especially since I recall you giving me a watch on deviantart :D
To BK_1/VGKid: Violence is never the answer! someone ought to smack you for that suggestion!
leaglem: Thanks very much, I shall show u more shortly!
CzarSquid: You must have been there yourself?
Amante-kun: I can tell you're paying attention :)
ApaFox: Glad you like it, im assuming your on about the page and not picking your nose...
Jazeki: Oh thankyou, clearly ur easy to impress eh? :D
Kid Garra: Cheers!
Pat-Man12: That's the idea