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In the months since we stopped I'd thought about trying to revive or reboot it, but now I've decided I'm just going to move on to other things.

There won't be any more updates to get your hopes up, and comments are now closed.

Thanks for reading these past years. Hope to see you around!
Hey, there is an update coming for this week, I just don't have it quite finished yet. Might be monday night or tuesday.
Ask for yuri and you shall receive yuri.
<img src="">
A little late. Good old plot wars.
Yes, I didn't color the last page because I didn't want to have to figure out all the goddess' colors at once.
We return.
Fall is supposed to be middleageish. It didn't come through so well in the inking. And they are antlers. You can kind of see in panel 3.
I think it's better to use existing words when available.
The moose page will come back sometime. I've been making progress on my comic build script, so maybe after this flashback or chapter we'll switch the backend over, and then we can have the main comic and all the side and bonus stuff comics we want!
Curses! I should've made her a manatea!
Sorry for that delay. It's the flashback you've all been waiting for - Melody's past!
Also I hear it's some kind of Australia day. So here's a Melody bluebottle... or orangebottle.
<img src="" alt="bluebottle-melody">
I feel out of practice drawing normal people...
Ha, didn't notice that. Supposed to be brim of the hat/head.
Fixed the purple text on the last page. Sometimes if I've recently worked with a dark color I don't notice it's not black, and Sai can't export as greyscale.
We've sent the hiatus maiden away.
On with the new chapter and the stuff in the chapter, and the panels in the stuff in the chapter, and the words in the text bubbles in the panels in the stuff in the chapter.
Your present this year is a GAME!
Help melody collect sausages and avoid the yeti.

Click here to play
You might need to click on the game to give it focus before it'll register the keypress.
You can also mute the music by pressing M.

Thanks to Galdon of the Internet for programming.
You could always be a Beard maiden.
Thanks for pointing out the wrong number. 'Tis fixed.
Edit: Decided it'd be better to stick with just Monday updates for December. Next update will be Monday.
Happy end of chapter!

There will be a filler page next week due to turkeys and us needing to work out the next chapter.
WM turns 3 years old on the 20th! (I think)