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Yo. Wow, you reached it to my profile? C: Feel free to Pm me if you have any questions about my webcomics, I love to get PM's and I like to talk. C:

Likes: Faces, GaGa, birds, black, white and blue, art, Example, zombies, and many more.

Dislikes: Idk. A lot.
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    Get to know me first. C:
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I love your art what are you saying.
; o ; Your art style is very distinctive and original. I dont read a lot either. Ive just read the start of Soul Eater. Read the first chapter or so and you'll see waht I mean. :D
I love your art. Thats a fact. But this is far TOO alike to Soul Eater. Heard of it? Its almost exactly the same. Im saving you from the fangirls. CX
: _ ;
This has happened to be the best webcomic Ive evr read. i congratulate you. no more updates? ; 3 ; Im sad now. IM NOT JOKING THAT WAS LIKE A SUPEREPICMINDTRIP. D: I feel like crying. I MAY HAVE SHED A TEAR. I would have commented on the other pages, but I didnt want to stop reading. EVER. MAKE A BOOK. NOW.
OMG! Yay! I absouloutly adore your art! So cute...
Ah, but shes only half ghost...C;
You have a new faaaaan! I like the story so far...Who is she...XD Nice style too btw, is teh boy the main character? He looks very nice...-drools- XD
Second to last panel is ftw.
Yay for (very late! DX) Update! I lol at that picture. XD
I like it! Lol, I am addicted to anything 'mad hatter' (lol) themed, so this shall be very interesting...XD
Comment virginity...kukuku...
I love your art style! Its very...sketchy...Which is really interesting and fresh! Keep up teh good work! XD
This comic is so random! I want mores! >:)
Oh noes! D:
I likes this picture! XD
Lolz, the christmas hat is epic.
RAEP! Lol,yay for updates and thanks for faving meh comic! ;)
No, Hes actually quite epic...Btw, I love your icon! ^_^
December 14th, 2009
Lolz, i am already interested!
OMFG UPDATE! Lol, I really likes this comic! Keep showering meh with updates! ;[_________]
I have to do meh webcomic in teh paint and is retarded...Please check out meh retarded artork!
Btw, the script for this made me LOL.
I likey this comic...-favs and continues reading-!