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that is all.
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this is a really adorable idea.
my goodness. this looks so pro i'm getting tingles.

i feel this will be a good comic.

cannot even form words

this has been an intelligent comment from yours truly.
let's see how he intends on doing that, ohoho/
ohh, a witchdoctor! things just got even more interesting.
oh no. HUMANS.
never liked them. lol.

i'm interested in these "fucking animals."
no forest for this guy, it seems.
holy crap.
this looks so professional already--like something you'd be able to buy in a bookstore!
i adore the dark blues.
bahaha if only we could fix earth like that
anybody lose a shiny object in the snow?
as soon as i read "what you doin' tonight" the queen song popped into my head
i would noooot use that toilet.
i thought he was eight. lololol
that's because it totally is, lolol.
really enjoying that there head bashing, eh, bob?
i am loving the character designssss~