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mama is so awesome :D looove heer <3 and shiratori blushing... omg, so sexy and cute omgomgomg >w<
ehh~ I want to see haru's daddy too >w< and I don't want it to eeeeend ;__; it's like, so awesome D:
LOOOOOL, loved this page x'D I love Haru's mom, seriously! and, yeah, she must be seme x'D haha, she's so awesome :3
That page is made of pure win x'D can't wait to see more!
omg, sooooo hot! kaden is such a cute uke :3
*keeps pressing the next button* WHY DOES IT NOT WORK!? <o> I need moreee D:
omg, i need moreee xD i dont want it to end tho D: so hot xD
loool, I was listening to "So Hot" (by wonder girls) when I read that page xD
Haru blushing is soooo cute >w< he even forgot where was the kitchen xD oh my my x3 can't wait for mooooore! (and, yes, I'll sure miss you >_< )
s-so pretty *A*
i loved Nike >w< she looks so adorable >w<
oh my! Rhea is so pretty *o* Zeus ir sooo adorable! The both look so cute >w< Really nice page! I can't wait until the next update!

Also, do you plan on selling MYTH: A Promise online later on?
he's paying chess with himself lol [2]
ehhh, finally an update *u* kade looks saad~ is that guy his younger brother?? o3o
oh my, so hot o_o and with sooooo many details OAO the hands r so perfect too... everything on this page is really perfect o//o
oAo don't say such meaaaaan things Nickkkkk~ I know ur mad 'coz Chloe left u alone, but don't put ur anger on othhheeeers >_> I feel bad for her D: (even tho I still really like him >w<)
yes, sure :D But first finnish that one, pleaseee o3o
And then you do the other version n post on smackjeeves too :D

btw: I thought it was sooo cute of Nick to give his jacket to heeer >w<
awwww, I feel bad for Nick TT A TT poor Nick, he was trying his best >_>
no, @crunchyblueberry , ur not the only one xD I like her with Nick better too >w<
And on those last pages nick was being soooo cute >w< haha, I think I'm getting to like him more n more x3
heeeeh, is he going to tell her that he loves heeer~ 8D he actually looked cute on the last page >w< aww~
awwwwww, poor kadeeen D: stop being a jerk, Darius >:C
Just poked his head into the girl's bathroom like it's nothing xD [2]

yaaay, go Bob, go!
omgggg, I have a really bad feeling about this o_o
omggg, they r going home.. togheter... 8D can't waaaait to see wut is going to happen! xD
omg, Haru looks sooo cutee xD
n I think this page looks really good >w<